Full Spectrum Cycling #60 – On the Road with Jason “Big Sexy” Beckhouse

Sven’s Chumba Stella Ti. Currently setup as 27+

Talking Schmack

Call-in Guest – Jason “Big Sexy” Beckhouse

Jason’s proposed route on his Schwinn Meridian tricycle, Heather. Visiting state capitols!
Getting this Crust Bombora ready to build!

Show Beer

  • Wizard Staff from Two Brothers
    • It may have taken some powers of mystical proportions, but we conjured up an easy-drinking, low-alcohol IPA that doesn’t compromise flavor. Extremely drinkable, but with a bold hop profile, this IPA is juicy and tropical, yet smooth and light. Crushable. Flavorful. Stackable. It must be magic. 
    • Wizard Staff is a crushable IPA brewed with Cashmere, El Dorado and Simcoe hops.
    • 5% ABV

Call-in to 717-727-2453 and leave us a message about how you are cycling your way through the coronavirus shutdown!

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  1. Sounds to me like Jason “Big Sexy “ might need a little hand up. Is there anything that us as listeners and fellow cyclists can do to help him get a better set of wheels?

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