Oveja Negra Frame Bag Seven Year Review

In the waining days of 2011, I started the Moonlander Space Suit Bag Project (MM1-SSB). Back at the end of 2012, we received this brand new custom frame bag. The Moonlander Space Suit Bag Project (MM2-SSB/ON) from Oveja Negra. We published a first look and then later published a long term review of the bag. It’s been over seven years and several bikes since that long term review so we’re back to show you how this bag has held up over the really (really) long haul!

The MM2-SSB/ON was made for this first generation Surly Moonlander that I was riding back in those days (photo above). Later I learned that this bag would end up fitting on all of the Surly’s that I’d ride or review over the years. It’s been on two Krampi and the new generation orange Pugsley that got reviewed. I haven’t tried it on a Surly Wednesday or an Ice Cream Truck, but I think it would be a safe wager to say that it would.

The Moonlander Space Suit Bag (MM2-SSB/ON) on four different Surly Plus and Fat Bikes

One of the reasons that the longevity of this pack is so impressive is that it’s always been attached to a bike that’s been in active rotation and not just sitting on a shelf, like many others in our eclectic collection of bikepacking bags. I tend to be pretty tough on gear. I oftentimes try to over-stuff my frame bags and yank on the zipper pulls to get access on the fly. The quality of the MM2-SSB/ON is top notch. This is what I wrote in my review from 2012.

This pack has performed admirably and has earned a full five gnome rating! Take a look at the photos of the pack taken right off of my bike and shot up close. This bag is like that dude you knew in college that could keg stand and keep his hair in place and his shirt nice and pressed.

the MM2-SSB/ON in Nov. 2013 – Click to enlarge and look at the precision sewing on those patches!
the MM2-SSB/ON – May 2020

After over seven years the bag is still going strong! It may look dirty in the current day photos, but it still works as well as it did when I reviewed it back in 2013 where it earned a score of five out of five gnomes.

I think that it goes without saying that this project worked out well beyond any of my expectations. The Oveja Negra folks are good people to work with and they make one hell of a long-lasting, high-quality frame bag at their shop in Salida Colorado. The MM2-SSB/ON wins the Gnome-Proof Seal of Approval and will continue to carry whatever I think that I need when I’m out riding my Krampus.

For more information about Oveja Negra visit – ovejanegrabikepacking.com

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  1. I got mine from Lane when they were still in The Ville and it’s held up like a champ,better than some big name bags as a matter of fact

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