Fattest Day Ride – June 20th, 2020

Cast in the mold of Global Fat-Bike Day the Fattest Day of the Year – aka the Summer Solstice has always been a great target for getting out and enjoying the very first moments of Summer (or Winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere). In the past few decades, mi amigos and I usually did a ride and then camped out after work and then bugged out early and showed up for work a little hung over smelling like a campfire! (good times!) This year the Solstice shows up on a Saturday but you don’t have to do your ride on that exact day if you work on Saturdays or have conflicting plans. Let’s open this up for a four-day window from Friday to Monday (June 19-22). That should give everyone an opportunity to get out and enjoy the sweet smell of the woods in SUMMER!

We’re still in the middle of the Covid 19 Pandemic so we’re suggesting a Virtual Group Ride where we all go out for a ride, while observing all of the social distancing recommendations that are set in place by health officials for where you ride. Please feel free to take pictures and then share them with the world using #fattestdayride ! It’s fun on bikes 2020 – aka – The Fattest Day of the Year!


Check out the Fattest Day of the Year Event page on Facebook.

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