Adam Blake’s Pneu Podcast with Special Guest Jay Petervary

On this edition of the PNEU Podcast we have one of the OG ambassadors of Bikepacking and Ultra Endurance cycling.  Former not only winner, but record holder of events like the ITI1000, and GDMBR.  Jay Petervary is not only an amazingly accomplished cyclist, but an educator, and historian.  Now-a-days he continues to ride, but also puts on events to get you out and adventuring!  Take a listen to Jay talk about where we came from, and some of where we are going. 

(Listening note: I’m learning more and more about editing a podcast, and Jay- the adventurer- may have been in the Himalayas, or Gobi Desert for all I know, so the internet connection wasn’t great, you may notice some “cuts”.  We NEVER edit out content, just trying to make the sweet whispers of the podcast more soothing to the ears)


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