Lockdown ride to the mountains

After a belly full of beer from the night before I somehow got up early and left the house just after 5am. Just over an hour later I was waiting on a hillside for the sun to rise and start the last Sunday of March. I waited for around 45 minutes and soon got cold. Whilst waiting I got it in my head that I’ll jib out and go back home. However once the sun made an appearance my mood lifted.

The Salsa Bucksaw is now out of hibernation

As I slowly got warmed up and soon got it in my head to make the most of it and go up high on the Carndeddau mountain range as I’ve been missing it somewhat. The reason being I would have had some camps/bivvies in but due to Covid restrictions here in Wales, its a big no no (but thing are looking better….).

Bucksaw terrain

The day was tough, big climbs but with stunning views and the descents were to die for.

Have a watch and see what you think….

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Summittoppler, based on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, UK. With beach riding and mountains on my doorstep you could say I live in the perfect place for fat biking.


  1. Falls under the category of “wish I was there “!
    Great video. Cool looking FatBike shirt too. ????

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