Ride Tested Jerseys from Mons Royale

A few years ago, the tech-wool-blend Mtb jersey came on the scene with a seductive feel next to the skin and all-conditions comfort. I’ve worn a Mons Royale mid-weight Merino wool base layer for the past few seasons and I liked it enough to purchase two summer-weight Mons Royale Jerseys that I’ll be sharing some thoughts about in this very article.

The first way that I coveted these Jerseys was due to the feel of the wool blend fabric. I remember seeing (and feeling) a tech-T made by 100% at CABDA a couple of years ago. It had sublime desert earth tones that caught my attention and the material felt as soft as a puppy’s ear. Soon after…Bike Rags introduced their summer-weight wool-blend jersey. I fondled that garment at a bike show and then that led us to make a batch of syth-wool team-wear with Hyperthreads last winter. That was the first time that I got to actually wear this new type of fabric. I’m pretty hooked on how luxurious it feels.

The second reason that I bought the two jerseys was the color palette and how they looked. I couldn’t decide which one that I liked better so I purchased them both and I’ve been wearing them on mountain bike rides for the last few months since the weather turned fair.

These things are comfortable! I never really thought that wearing a wool t-shirt would be cool and comfortable in the summer, but it really does work the way that people have been saying for years. I think that I could literally live in these things. Like all of my wool clothes and fine quality cycling clothing, in particular, I machine wash in cold water and hang them (preferably outside) to dry. One of the Mons Royale jerseys is a crew neck with no pocket and one has a vee neck with one small zippered pocket on the back.

My favorite new mountain bike jersey is a $90 wool blend t-shirt. Lots of companies make wool blend tech-T’s. You can find them made by most cycling apparel companies. I liked how Mons Royale designed their colorway and the simple color block styles. It was a little difficult for me to justify the price until I wore them. Now I want two more! For more information or to see the full line on apparel from Mons Royale visit –

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