Titan Bikes


Editor – Titan Bikes is a small company in Denmark that makes beautiful handmade titanium frames and bicycle components. Thomas Skou is the man at the helm of the starship Titan and the man with the plan because he’s an engineer. Thomas not only designs and builds bikes. He’s also a trail builder and mountain biker. Here’s an introduction to Titan Bikes from Thomas, his own bad self! ~g

Titan Bikes

Thomas and Two Titans

Titan bikes is a boutique bicycle company that I founded that compliments my normal daytime job as an engineer. Besides being a mountain biker and titanium frame designer I’ve also been the lead builder and mastermind behind the local bike park called Vejle Bikepark.

I’ve always dreamed of designing my own frames so they would suit my needs regarding geometry and esthetics. So a couple of years ago I set out on a mission to start designing my own frames and testing them before I started selling them. The frames are welded by ISO certified welders and I have personally tried to break them and locate any weak spots by manhandling them and putting them through their paces intensively. All to ensure that the customers would be able to do the same thing without breaking them or getting injured due to frame failure.

I’ve always had a special sweet spot for titanium as a material for frame building. The characteristics of titanium are something out of this world if you ask me.

My dream for Titan bikes is not to get rich. I have my normal daytime job to pay the bills. Instead, I wanna help regular people to afford a custom titanium frame. So there’s not much profit in producing the frames. Instead, I get as excited as the customers when designing the frames and seeing the finished builds. It’s a joy to see how creative people are when designing and building their dream bikes!

For more information about Titan visit – Titan Bikes or you can follow them @Titan.Bikes

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