Foto Gordo – Klunky Levis (Funky Kingstown)

Today’s subject is Tim’s Hooptie at Levis Mound on a trail called Cliffhanger. These trails are one of my favorite happy places and ripping around on a steel singlespeed is the perfect way to create some quality beta waves in what’s left of my brain cells. Moments like these make me gain a deeper appreciation for all of life’s blessings. Here’s wishing you a happy healthy summer weekend amigos!

Ask the Bicycle Doctors

We’re recording a new podcast called “Ask the Bicycle Doctor” The new show will be recorded at the Bicycle Doctor, in Dousman, WI. The “Doctors” in residence will be Maciej, Kyle, Gomez, along with special guests from the raucous front lines of the bike industry. We invite all of you to share your questions about any sort of bicycle conundrum that vexes your bicycle lifestyle. During the show, our panel of pro bike wizards will try to get after answering your questions and we’ll also discuss what’s hot in the bike world. Please send your questions to with ‘Dear Doctor’ in the subject line or post something in the comments below. The first show is scheduled to premiere later this month.

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