Cedaero Space Heater Pogies

There’s a new pair of pogies in the test lab. The Space Heater Pogies from Cedaero. We’ve had a bit of a cold snap over the Christmas break, so I’ve had a chance to field test them in temps as low as the single digits. I’m a fan and long-time user of pogies for winter cycling. We’ve published quite a few reviews of different brands of pogies over the years which helps us provide a solid foundation for our field test with the Space Heaters

From our bag-making amigos up on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Cedaero comes the Space Heater Pogie. Our black set hardly does justice to the groovy colors that these things come in. You can order a variety of stock colors or go full custom from $200 to $220

The first thing that I look at with pogies is how easily they go on and come off. The Space Heaters have a zippered vent that makes it easy to slip the pogie over the brake levers and cables during installation. Once the pogie is on the bar, triple velcro strips close up the center securely. The Space Heaters use an expanding bar end plug that inserts through a hole in the side of the pogie that fastens them to the end of the handlebar. Most types of expanding bar plugs will work with the Space Heaters. Cedaero offers a rainbow of anodized expanding bar plugs with little kittie cats doing yoga on them for thirty clams. The space heater plugs from Cedaero are quite nice. I like them because they have a 5mm hex bolt and that means that I have that tool handy in almost every situation, as opposed to having to search for a 2.5 or 3mm Allen. I tried to attach the bar end with plastic (non-expanding) bar plugs but they fell out too easily so most of the time, I went with the Space Heater plugs. I thought about whittling champagne corks for plugs, which would eliminate the need for tools. I’m usually critical of pogies that require a tool because I prefer to remove pogies from the bike during transport on a hitchrack, That means every time I put my bike onto the truck, the pogies should come off. Sometimes, I’ve left them on for short drives and they’ve survived but they also got filled with snow from the roof of the truck during transport and I think that it’s better to transport the bike inside the vehicle if it has a set of pogies attached. If you always put your bike inside the vehicle, it’s less of an issue.

Features de la Space Heaters

  • 1000D Cordura or 15oz Waxed Canvas exterior 
  • Recycled 300-weight Polartec fleece interior
  • Zippered vent
  • Adjustable Fleece Cuff
  • 100% made in U.S.A.
Available in a variety of Groovy Colors or Custom Color Combinations

The Space Heaters are lined with 300-weight polar fleece. It makes them feel nice and cozy against your skin. There’s a shock-cord cinch adjustment at the cuff to keep wind and snow out. The fleece looks and feels nice however, I wear gloves inside of pogies, so my skin really never touches the fleece. The fleece lining doesn’t allow some gloves to slide into the pogie without a little sticktion. I like the fleece for its warmth but I think the entry gate into the pogie could have smoother access if it was covered in Cordura. (or I could stop wearing rag-wool gloves) If snow does get into the fleece-lined pogie, it sticks to the material and it’s hard to just knock out of there.

The inner volume of the Space Heaters is just large enough for my hands. I’m used to pogies that have room for a set of extra mittens or snacks inside. I have large-ish hands (I wear size-XXL gloves) so chances are, folks with smaller hands may have a little extra space. It makes sense to keep the size of the pogie as small as possible for warmth, wind resistance, and weight.

The Space Heaters also feature a zippered vent if your hands start to get too warm. It’s like ‘Ram Air’ scoops on the hood of a ’69 barracuda. I ran the Space Heaters from 35F to zero F with great results for warmth and comfort. The Space Heaters also get high scores for holding their shape which makes them easier to use out on the trail. They have solid construction and high-quality craftsmanship that we’re accustomed to seeing in the bags that come out of Cedaero’s workshop.

I’d recommend the Cedaero Space Heater Pogies to my (lower-48) friends. Especially if they run on the cold side. The fleece lining makes them nice and warm!

4.5 out of 5 gnomos en fuego

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