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Fat (video) Tuesday – Fat Bike Building

New bikes, new gear, new goals, new friends… ice is beginning to cover the ponds up here in Interior Alaska and we at Far North Fatbikes are itchin’ to get the fatties on snow. While this video was made last year as we assembled our fleet of rental fatbikes, we think it’s fitting to watch […]

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Lighter Fatbike Tube Alternatives

Most of us have had the jaw-dropping experience of holding a Surly tube in our hands, but we have to ask ourselves, ‘Are they necessary?’ ‘What are the advantages and is it worth the weight for the riding I do?’ A bunch of us in Alaska (and many other places, too) have been running standard […]

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Gearing Up For A Change

I had an epiphany and learned something pivotal this past weekend… It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what you CAN. How can a 36 mile winter fatbike ride be more difficult than a 100 mile winter fatbike ride? Soft snow and one gear. When I had my 29er with Snow Cats, I […]

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Fatbike-Friendly Roof-Top Car Rack

There’s a lot of talk about how to carry your fatbike on your car, with tons of custom jobs and modifications out there. Maybe I got lucky and had the style that works with all bikes, but after driving thousands of miles this past year with two fatbikes on my roof, I can say the […]

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The Art of Clothing: Part 1 of 2

Every time someone asks about biking in the cold, I guarantee them they will dress too warm and sweat within the first fifteen minutes. We’ve all been there and it’s challenging to avoid a repeat experience. Although, it does feel good to sweat on a fast trail ride when it’s 25 below, but we’ll get […]

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Hand-ling the Cold

What a dichotomy… your body is sweating but your hands and feet are freezing. It takes some time to figure out what to wear for every weather condition and temperature you might face during cold weather rides.¬†And of course, no two days are the same and I don’t remember last year, so it often leaves […]

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Dear Nate, I love you.

Without question, it was love at first sight. Infatuation, maybe, but it’s quickly proving to be deeper-lugged. We hooked up a few times and I’m pretty happy with the ride quality. I know it’s moving fast, but I’m actually thinking about proposing… proposing the idea of bringing another into the relationship. The Surly Nate is […]

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