fyxation Mesa Pedal: AK Approved, so far…

fyxation Mesas on trail in Alaska

fyxation Mesas on trail in Alaska

Wide, light, grippy, and a good feel underfoot. What more could you ask for in a pedal? Durability, maybe, but I’m pretty sure high-impact nylon has proven itself in so many other applications that I have no worries here.

I most recently took these pedals on a 100 mile backcountry ride on winter trails through the mountains of Interior Alaska. I am a real hard sell on any other pedal than my trusty Wellgo MG-1s, but these fyxations are pretty awesome. Since making the switch, I’ve misplaced my MG-1s… and I don’t care.

Never have I slipped off the Mesas, even though the studs are molded nylon, not metal. Not even while wearing my Keen Summit County boots, which, undeniably, have pretty crappy tread for winter use, especially on pedals. Their widely spaced lugs don’t mate well with tiny studs. When I received the previously ridden red Mesas in the mail, they were missing one of the nylon studs. I have not felt its absence, however.

A major bonus to the molded-nylon studs over metal (like on my Wellgos), is they don’t bite your shins NEARLY as bad when pushing the bike up long, steep hills, if you find yourself doing this kind of ‘riding.’ Double bonus.

Although I haven’t ridden them in insanely cold temperatures like I have my Wellgos (-30 to -50F), I also haven’t noticed the slight cold-sink like I would with the magnesium pedals in temps down to -20F. I can’t say they are a cure to conducting cold underfoot (yet), but I can say they are better than metal. Honestly, I hope I don’t find out until next winter.

I ride single-speed and that means I’m a pedal masher. From tight & fast winter singletrack to long distance rides through the mountains, these pedals flat-out work. I think riding single allows me to more intensely focus on other intricacies of my bike, like how easy it is to find the sweet spot on the Mesas, where my foot feels comfortable and ready to pedal another 40 miles of winter trail. No shifting around, trying to get perfect placement. Possibly because they’re so big? Whatever it is, I like ’em. They match well with the single-speed style of simply hopping on the bike and pedaling, and not having to focus on anything other than just that.

I’m really stoked to get them out on some big, cross-country, mountain range traverse trips this summer and see how they stand up to rocks and ocean spray. Sounds like next summer, they might be coming with me on a bikenraft of the entire Lost Coast… that’s if they hack it ’til then.
For now, I’m not worried.

Thanks for sending these my way. Alaska approves, so far…
Watch for more to come this summer. I plan on putting them through hell… er, I mean Alaska 🙂

Check out Sven’s initial review of the fyxation Mesas.
Before purchasing, read about how version 2 of the Mesas stack up.

There are a lot of sweet pedals out there and while these may not be the best or lightest or the top of any other category, they definitely deserve a shot on your fatbike, especially for the price! They are a great platform pedal.


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  1. Beaker March 5, 2012 at 7:51 am #

    i might have taken that one stud off on a very rocky beach ride with Gomez and Sven. yeah these pedals rock. cant wait for V2.

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