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0 to 60 with the Lake MX145 Shoes

  Last December I spoke with some friends over at Lake Cycling about their new shoe that was quietly released, the MX145, about reviewing a set. I’m not one for big heavy boots when I ride and have had little interest in the past of such models. I’d sooner freeze my toes off, stuffing my […]

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Borealis Echo Trail Bike: MTB Quiver Killer?

Jon Severson is lucky enough to live in Colorado Springs home to Borealis Bikes, the manufacturer of the bike in this preview review. Adam from Borealis got Jon one of the first Echos available for some near home testing while we await our longer-term tester here at Fat-bike HQ. Gotta say, I am a little […]

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First Look/Impressions: On-One Fatty

On-One bikes has been around for quite some time and is a UK brand most notable for it’s figurehead, Brant Richards. His notable work for many is the On-One Midge Dirt Drop handlebar (still my favorite that I use on my monstercross bike I designed/had built), the On-One Mary handlebar, and the On-One Fleegle handlebar. However […]

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Sevo’s Test Rig: 9:Zero:7 135mm

Well my goal last fall was to build up a rig I’d never ridden before and could tinker with over the season. I wanted something light for the base and play around after that. Build ended up being as follows: 2012 9:Zero:7 frame/fork, Large, Yellow, 135mm Wheels: Rolling Daryl’s, Salsa Front Hub, XT Rear Tires: […]

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Sevo’s Crystal Ball: Tire Talk

I was in Fruita almost 8 years ago (or was it 7?) that I saw Dave Grey roll up on a 1×1 with the first ever Endomorph tire, Large Marge rim, and fat fork (all prototypes) up front. Was a big “huh” moment. And honestly, as much as everything made sense that Dave told me […]

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Sevo’s Crystal Ball #1: Suspension

Ah it’s always a joy to go online and see what people think should be next and why. More often than not, many predictions though of what the arm-chair engineers think will be next are whatever they think will get the most “likes” or “me too’s” to make their work day go faster. There are […]

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Talking Brakes w/Jude Monica from Magura

An Interview with Jude Monica, Magura USA by Jon “Sevo” Severson My first snow race on a mountain bike would be around ’91 near LaCrosse, WI where each year this little time trial was set up. Back then braking at it’s best was a set of Grafton’s w/Scott-Mattheuser pads. Even then….. One key innovation since […]

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