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Wallpaper Wednesday – The Vernal Equinox

The first day of spring makes every fat biker wish for one last snow ride. This is a shot from our amigo Jeff Davis of his Salsa Blackborrow along Grimes Creek in Idaho. Jeff’s caption for his photo is ‘One Last Ride’. I hope there’ll be a few more fun snow rides this year! Feel […]

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JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit 2023 (ID)

January 6-8, 2023 – 60K or 200K | Bike, Ski, Run – Island Park, Idaho The world record holder for the Iditarod Trail Invitational and the 2012 Tour Divide champ –  would like to invite you to come and do a race in his backyard. Of course, we’re talking about the one and only-  Jay Petervary […]

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FBJ Creations Custom Frame Bag

Today’s product spotlight takes us on a journey to Island Park Idaho to talk about a relatively new bag company called FBJ Creations. Some of you may be familiar with them because FBJ Creations is run by none other than Bryon Vordermann, Fat Bike Jesus his own bad self (as mi amigo Russel T. Jobs […]

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Crust a ride (and you’ll be sitting on the top of the world)

(editor’s note:) I’m a card-carrying crustifarian so it should come as no surprise that today’s fat-bike fairytale is entitled Crust Cruising. We suggest that you take your favorite surf-punk classic and trade the word Surf with the word Crust in the lyrics for an ideal soundtrack for today’s reformed crustifarian proclivities. Crust Cruising – By William Amaya Every […]

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Fatbikejesus and fam teton-3

Wallpaper Wednesday – Le Grand Teton

  Over the years, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet folks from all over the world that share our passion for plus and fat-bikes. More recently (about a year ago) I was introduced to Becky & Byron Vordemann and their Wee Lass April through Black Ribbon (Plus-Bike) Test Pilot, Bruce (best name ever) Smithhammer. Last winter […]

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Foto Gordo – Fat on Skinny

Weekend Checklist ◘ fat-bike ◘ singletrack ◘ hawaian shirt ◘ log ride ◘ ice cold beverage(s) It’s been awhile since we threw some gasoline on your Friday afternoon ride stoke, but since this is a big (US) holiday weekend, we decided to share another shot sent to us from the great summer of fifteen, sticker […]

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aileen slider

Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Winterfest Fat-Bike Race

Scott and Aileen Frey are old friends of the site and Aileen has shared quite a few of her video’s, with us,  from the great state of Idaho! This clip was submitted by Aileen’s husband, Scott, a few weeks back and when I saw that it was from one of my favorite places on earth, I saved it […]

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Event Spotlight ♦ The Snowball Special

(click the race flyer to go to the event web-page) The first annual Snowball Fat Bike Race on the Sun Valley Nordic Trails! The “Snowball Special” was the name of the Union Pacific Railroad’s ski train which carried skiers from stops in Southern California to beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho, from 1958 to 1972.  Many LA […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Private Idaho

Ryan Sandy sent us this week’s fat-clip straight outta Nampa Idaho! Ryan and Adam Haynes run the local bike shop, in town, called Rolling H Cycles. Ryan told us ” Fat bikes are really hitting the scene out here in Idaho and our small community of Nampa.’ These two central Idaho bike slingers, put together a […]

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Fat-Bike Boise, Idaho

Cat Calls Written by Aileen Frey “Fat bike, come back here!” the stranger called out as we cruised by. “Fat?”   I repeated as I turned to see my daughter’s frown. Her first fat bike ride now ruined by a stranger publically humiliating her.  She was in tough shape before our ride began, nursing a knee […]

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Fat-Video-Tuesday ♦ Owyhee Springtime

Gauchos en gordas bicicletas en Idaho con su perro llamado Marley. Mud season has ended here in southern Idaho.  Snow is melted. The winds are drying out the clay and sandy trails are in their prime right now.  Well, Gomez, this video does not have as much metal flying by as most Fat-bike videos. This is how […]

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pearl rd

Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Panini Pua Kea

Scott and Aileen Frey sent us this short clip from a ride earlier this month near their home in Idaho. Leenie had this to say about the ride. “Scott had this past Friday afternoon off and we wanted to get out of the Treasure Valley fog. Pearl Road is just at the top of Horseshoe Bend […]

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2nd Annual Fat Bike Summit a Huge Success

Nearly 40 people attended the 2nd annual Fat Bike Summit on Friday, Jan. 25th at the Sawtelle Mountain Resort in Island Park, ID. The Summit, co-hosted by Quality Bicycle Products and Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, brought land managers, tourism professionals, folks from Chambers of Commerce, non-profit trail organizations, fat bike riders, and members of the bicycle industry […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Idaho Dunes

Here’s an awesome shot of Mark Metzger and his pooch, Pauhana, on the dunes of Bruneau State Park in Southwest Idaho. Mark says, “This place is Fat-Bike heaven with acres and acres of sand dunes to ride up, down and all around.” It makes me want to travel, out west and ride some of the […]

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