FBJ Creations Custom Frame Bag

Today’s product spotlight takes us on a journey to Island Park Idaho to talk about a relatively new bag company called FBJ Creations. Some of you may be familiar with them because FBJ Creations is run by none other than Bryon Vordermann, Fat Bike Jesus his own bad self (as mi amigo Russel T. Jobs likes to say about his own bad self). Bryon and his family (Becky & April) along with three dogs, Elvis, Astro and Daisy live and ride in the Teton Valley and sometimes write about their adventures and pen the odd product review for this very website. Now it’s time for us to turn the tables and review the product tester’s products. The product, in this case, is a petite custom frame bag in orange for Bethany’s extra-small 9:Zero:7.

Let’s start at the beginning. I had a dream. A dream to create the smallest bike purse in the greater Rock River Delta. I shared that dream with FBJ and he emailed (unto) me: you shall create a template.

and So…I made thy template and later, sent it out to Idaho along with some stickers and seventeen thousand, three hundred and fifty-two gnome blessings. About six weeks after that, a tiny bike purse appeared in our mailbox.

Bethany’s custom frame bag has one main compartment on the drive side with a map pocket on the non-drive side. The bag is a perfect fit.

The map pocket is a good spot to keep the car keys, lip gloss or a stiletto. That’s a pack of gum and a tire pressure gauge for scale. Note the reflective panels to make sure cars can see Bethany at night.

The main compartment swallows one of them fancy strawberry liquor sodas or one regular sized can of beer. It might fit a tall boy but there’s no way a silo is gonna fit. I bet you could carry a dozen airline bottles of tequila in there, but that’s just my scientific wild ass guess. It’s definitely big enough to carry a tube and a good trail-side repair kit (without a pump).

Bethany’s bound to find dozens of other ways to utilize her new FBJ Creations custom frame bag and I’ll probably be there with a camera (or two) to capture the aftermath. We’ll report back with more on this groovy orange bike bag somewhere down the trail amigos!

For more information about FBJ Creations visit –

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  1. Erv Spanks May 14, 2019 at 5:32 am #

    That is SWEEET!!

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