Revelate Gas Tank Top Tube Bag

The Revelate Gas Tank Top Tube bag is one of my favorite ways to carry my camera on all our fat-bike rides, especially beach rides. It is easy to grab my Canon S95 out of the bag while riding for impromptu shots of riding mates. The Gas Tank mounts high on the top tube of the bike so it is mostly out of harms way and the sailcloth material and water-resistant zipper keep splashes off but don’t count on it being waterproof is you want to prove to yourself that your fat-bike floats!

Mounting the Gas Tank is an easy affair. The contoured front strap wraps around the stem and the main strap wraps around the top tube where it is easy to cinch tight for great stability.

The Revelate Designs Gas Tank is 9″ long. Up front where it mounts to the stem it is 5″ high by 3″ wide and it tapers down to 2.5″ tall by 1.5″ at the back. There is a velcro divider in the middle of that bag that can separate the inner compartment in two. With the divider in use my camera fits perfectly in the front section while I usually fill the rear with Honey Stingers and a few stickers for the inevitable meeting with folks not yet familiar with fat-bikes.

A nice feature of Revelate bags is that they are designed as a system and so play nicely with other bags they do. Here is the Gas Tank mounted with a Revelate Frame Bag underneath. If you really need more storage yet, Revelate makes the Jerry Can (not pictured here) that mounts at the back of the top tube under the seat. Look for a report on that bag down the road.

If you need a bit more easy-to-access storage on your rig, check out the Revelate Gas Tank. It retails for $55 and your local IBD can hook youu up or you can go directly to Revelate at



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