NEW! 45NRTH’s Winter Cycling Boot – Wölvhammer

Have you been waiting to hear what 45NRTH has been teasing us with, all summer? Today is the day you get to meet Wölvhammer!  We spoke with David Gabrys from 45NRTH and asked a few questions about these much anticipated, new boots.


Wölvhammer Cycling Boot

What Sizes will be available? 
Sizes 38-50 (full sizes, there is no size 49)
How do all of those high-tech fabrics work together (and separately) to keep riders feet stay warm and dry?
The boot is a two part construction, with an inner boot insulated with 200 gram Thinsulate, fleece and monster fur. The outer boot functions as a mid-calf gaiter constructed out of 1000 denier Cordura backed with a Sympatex waterproof/breathable membrane. The inside of the gaiter is lined with Nylex, a wicking fleece. The insole contains 2mm of aerogel insulation between two layers of EVA foam. Aerogel has been used by NASA for years to insulate space suits and machinery. The insoles block cold from the cleat interface on the toe box. The Thinsulate on the inner boot, aerogel on the insole, and waterproof breathable gaiter functions as a system to keep your feet warm and dry. There is no other cycling boot on the market with this technology and approach to construction. We started by asking the question, “How can we take a mountaineering boot and make it appropriate for cycling”, rather than starting with how to make a cycling shoe warm. 
Do you recommend buying a size larger to accommodate thick winter socks?
Everyone has a difference perception of cold. We use extra wide cycling lasts for the boot. With all the insulation and layers on our upper, we chose to mount each upper on a Vibram outsole that is one size larger. For example, a size 46 boot has a size 47 outsole. This allows for all the layers to spread wider on top of the outsole, providing more room in the toe box and a better fit for the customer. As always, it is important for people try on a pair before making a purchase.
What is the MSRP ?
$325 (USD)
When will they be available?
December 1st, 2012
What temperatures are the boots rated for?
We are completing testing at the moment that will give us some information, but we have chosen not to give a strict rating on the boot at the moment. There are too many factors that influence how warm the boot feels on any given person’s feet, including nuances of the individual. With that, our design objective of the boot was to make it the warmest boot that exists on the market. We are certain that this will be the experience our customers will have when they use the boot. Our objective is to help people stay warmer and drier for longer periods of time while riding in extreme cold winter conditions. 
What does the name mean and what language?
Following the cue of our Hüsker Dü fatbike tire, Wolvhammer is a music group from Minneapolis. We added the umlot to the name so it reads Wölvhammer. 
How can fat-bikers learn more about Wölvhammer?
At 9am (8/15/12) CDST – I will be tweeting live so people can ask questions. 
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  1. They look freaking badass. Definitely would like a pair. But at $325 msrp, you’re still looking at $300 at a LBS, online store, etc. Too rich for this guy’s blood. I’ll have to stick with my Keen Brixen’s and fyxation mesa flat pedals for now. If I come upon $325 though, a pair will be mine!

  2. Awesome!!
    I knew i was was holding out for these!!
    Thanks 45NRTH!!!
    The price??
    Either deal with it, or not, the choice is yours!!
    I’ll work a little OT to get my hands on a pair of these killer winter riding boots!! Looking forward to them!

  3. I’ll be ordering these from my LBS shortly. They are putting together a large group order (Canadians, ‘natch).

    The only improvement I would make would be a provision for more traction studs for icey conditions. Especially when trail riding on studded fatties, its the step off and slip that will getcha every time. Should be no big deal to screw some machine screws into those lugs though

  4. You guys are gonnna price yerselves out of the market. Really? 345.00 for a pair of 200 grams of thinsulate? Not near enough for a cold weather boot. Especially at 345.00

    Get with the program! Like most 45 north stuff; over priced. We’ll be shopping elsewhere.

    • $345 is definitely a steep price to pay, but I’ve been using these all winter, and even in -14 degree weather, with a thin wicking wool sock, a vapor barrier and another thin wool sock over that, my feet do not get cold in over 20 miles of commuting. Period. If you’re a year round commuter, these things more than pay for themselves in one season. It’s an investment, like anything, and good tools cost more. Good luck shopping elsewhere. You’re not going to find quality like this.

  5. Too bad Canadian Distributor NORCO can’t get their act together or maybe it is NRTH 45. My LBS has been pushing these since aiugust ’12. Best thing since sliced bread. Really cranked the hype. Then comes December with already a month gone by of needing shoes. They are not in stock

    Promised in before x-mas – Okay I can live with that.

    Now I get a phone call will not be in before X-mas . And when? No one knows.

    Forget it. Can’t work with that. If your gonna pitch the hype then come to the plate and deliver!

  6. Got them from my Canadian LBS. Pricey but warm as is with a thick wool ski sock. Shops have been selling through the stock quickly and apparently the next batch is fall 2013

  7. I wore the 45NRTH Wolvs for the first time yesterday after attaching Crank Brothers cleats as close to the middle of the cutout as possible. The boot clipped in fairly easy and held well. I did not notice much difference in the warmth compared to the Lake boot I have used for 5 years. The Wolv rubbed against the Raceface cranks on a Fat bike right around the top of the ankle. The Lakes never rubbed or if they did I didn’t notice it throught the leather. I tried repositioning the cleat more outboard hoping to eliminate the rub to no avail. The boot is also hard to get your foot into. The inner boot requires loosening the tension and pulling on a strap. The problem lies in the back of the inner boot being separated from the pull strap by a gap of a couple inches that snags the heel and makes entry difficult. I had on a DerFeet Blaze sock and it was tough to get into the boot. The design should me changed to integrate the pull strap and the back of the inner boot to prevent this hassle. The jury is still out for me on this boot. My Lakes served me well but are getting a bit raggedy. My concern lies in the continual rub on the crank arms and eventual wearing through of the fabric. I wonder if 45NRTH will warrant the boot if this damages the boot.
    Anyone else having this rubbing problem?

  8. I have had these for a couple of months now. They are awesome. Super warm for sure. My feet get cold very easy and these have completely solved that problem. Today I rode down to the beach in the middle of a Nor’Easter, waves crashing over the sea wall every second. Streets were flooded with up to a foot of seawater. I rode through many many areas where my boots and pedals were completely submerged. Not one single drop of water made it through those boots. WOW! Worth every penny in my book.

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