White Lightning Easy Clean Tire Brush

Around these parts we ride fat-bikes on the beach a lot and cleaning up the rig after a ride is a chore made easier by the White Lightning Easy Clean Tire Brush. Easily adjustable to fit even the biggest fat tires like the Big Fat Larry on a Rolling Darryl rim shown below, I’ve found that waiting until the sand dries on the tire makes the job the easiest but the brush still works well if you have to pop a wet fatty in your vehicle. Take the opportunity to check the condition of your tire out as you clean it off!

I bought this product with my own green but regardless of how we obtain a product for review we strive to give our honest experiences and opinions, always!

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  1. Not a bad idea. I get to keep my bike indoors at work, so no messing around with a lock. This will help avoid pissing off the cleaning staff once I can no longer commute on my pavement bike.

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