Foto Gordo – The Great Schrabinski


This is Martin Dinse’s second trip to our fat foto friday, photo stoke – aka foto gordo! If you’d like to see more of Martin’s work, you should visit Now, let’s hear what Martin had to say about this stunning capture!

The photo shows Eyk D. aka. Schrabinski riding in the Bohemian part of the Eastern Ore Mountains. I think it was the first snow of the winter and the sun was magically lighting up iced treetops like we’d never seen before. We were on our way to a little barbecue on the highest peak around. Fresh grilled meat and a spectacular sunset made for a great dinner before the night ride back home.

How do you spell phun?

Send us your photos or maybe some video of you and your amigos, whooping it up – fat-bike style! The gnomes that sort out my email live in a big oak tree, near the top of hill along county EM in Westosha. The third shift guys are the best! So let me do a shout out to Gherkin and Woolzie! You guys rock! Oh and my email is .

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  1. Mark Peterson December 16, 2013 at 10:09 am #

    Great Picture!

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