Chasing Winter – Part 2

….Continued from Part 1

A Fatbike Tale

By : Eyk Deutschmann


The night was long and cold in soaking wet blankets while the temperature dropped furthermore to 18°C below zero inside the tent.

The following morning our two dear fellows were woken up by some startling orange light, a glowin´ fireball rising above horizon inflaming the skies.


With numb feet and fingers the two untiring comrades mounted their powerful machines – after having already spent 7 nights under treacherous skies – and finally succeeded in travelling the firmly frozen ground  blasting across the great plain in some hellyeah speed, eyes widely shut in humility of natures unchained beauty.




Bones heal, glory lasts forever





The last night of this adventure had 19°C below zero again and big lumps of ice inside the sleeping bag prepared for quite a disagreeable time …

10Is that all there is?

… yes …

the two dear fellows: Torsten Maue aka m(A)ui and Eyk Deutschmann aka schrabinski

words ´n’ pics by schrabinski

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  1. that was a brave tale, i was freezing my bones off just reading what you guys went through, totally brave and courageous! It makes us appreciate a warm bed and a hot drink like its a miracle some days. great English Eyke 🙂

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