Not a Wallpaper Wednesday – The Greeting Card

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otis and 2 benches

Some of you may recognise my Fatback 190 named Otis in this shot that I took up near Two Rivers on the Lake Michigan Shoreline. When I saw this shot it reminded me of the soft focus photographs that appear on anniversary cards or other romantic greeting cards that one might see at their favorite card shop, grocery store or bodega. So I started writing verses for the inside of the card, based on a bad ass fat-bike (like otis) gracing the front of said greeting card. I should probably state some kind of disclaimer that says essentially, that we’re not responsible for any divorces or damages done with frying pans up side your head, if you choose to give this kind of greeting card to your husband, wife, mother or paramour.

Here are a few verses for the inside panel of  our hypothetical greeting card that are sure to elicit…..strong feelings.

I love you almost as much as my fat-bike! or I love you more than my fat-bike or Our Love is as strong as my fat-bike

Happy Mothers day from your vagrant son/daughter. You always taught us to be happy, so instead of visiting you on Mothers Day we went riding on the beach and drank a few beers in your honor!

Happy Anniversary! If you really loved me you would buy me a fat-bike!

Our love is as strong as a cyclist’s love for their fat-bike…..well, almost as strong…

Happy Holidays! – Lets Ride Bikes!

Happy Gnome Day – Lets Ride Bikes!

My Fat-Bike Never Gets a Headache – Get Well Soon

This is probably why I’m not gainfully employed as a greeting card engineer. Feel free to write your own verse and post it in the comments! Also feel free to download the photo and use one, of many, online printing services to make a lovely greeting card for your friends, family or loved ones.

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1 Comment

  1. Dearest Gomez,

    Have you noticed fat bikes are getting much faster?

    I am sure you have….

    I have a back yard bikes built hot Nine Zero Seven bike with a carbon fork that weighs in at about 28 lbs or so with some hot hope hubs and marge lite rims and very lite tubes and tires.

    I have been riding this bike year round and see no reason to ride any other bike unless paid to do so which for me would be extremely unlikely…..that is ….to be paid to ride a bike…he..he…!

    However I have noticed a few things about riding this particular fat bike and one of them is how fast one can corner in single track like on the Carlin and its connector trails….and how a fat bike is hot on loose gravel and sand and really cool on rock gardens….

    Now don’t get me wrong here….I am a pure roadie by nature and mountain bike rides are just for pure fun and relaxation from road miles and of course I don’t ride all that hard while mountain biking and so fat bikes are huge fun and I am noticing that I pass most 29er folks while on the fat bike….


    Well my pal “Rocket Rob” is tearing up our local trails on his carbon fatty….

    A lot of us are talking about a different way to “handle” the fat bike on corners and what not vs the 2 inch tire bikes….

    Just a bit of gossip from us “locals” upon the KM trails….

    love yer site and keep up the great work…

    “Rocket Rob” is doing some testing upon his new 22 lb Borealis fat bike out in Alpine Valley mtb course and if I told you his lap times you would say no way….

    Crazy fast man….


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