Weekly Dose of Fat – 7-5-14 – with 9:Zero:7’s Bill Fleming – Show #11



Weekly Dose of Fat – Saturday – July 5th, 2014 – Show #11


This weeks show is sponsored by The Surly Pugsly OPs – Check it out! –

This show is a special Birthday tribute to Sven and los ustados unidos de america.

We’ve got an interview with one of the owners of 9:Zero:7, – Bill Fleming – and  Gomez has a mystery guest later in the show.

Today’s Beer is one of america’s 30 worst beers – Old Milwaukee!

Beer Talk

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Bill Fleming Interview

The Test Kitchen is Now the Weekly Dose of Fat

MPLS Greenway Bar Map

We’ve Updated the Tire our weights Page with the 45Nrth VanHelga test tires.

Seen on our good buddy Travis’s, Decorah Bicycle website, is new info on the upcoming Trek Farley 6 & 8 equipped with Bontrager Hodag tires and Bontrager Tubeless-Ready Jackalope Wheels.

Chewie Interview

That’s our show for this week!

Big Props to our sponsor Surly Bikes!

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