Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Llyn Alwen

Our man Jeff Price is back to show us another slice of why the UK is such a hot-bed of fat-bike fun! You may remember that Jeff made a promise to himself to get out once a month for an overnight bivvy. This is what Jeff shared about this trip.

Yes it was getting to the end of the month again so the pressure was on to get out and bag the tenth one. I decided on the area around Llyn Alwen as its been a very long time since I was there. After parking at Llyn Aled Isaf, I made my way through the heavy wind assisted showers to the first bit of off road. It was sign posted as a bridleway as there was a picture of a horse rider, however, if I wasn’t on the fat bike then it would have been a tough walk through the tussocky grass. Its at this point I said to myself ‘these bikes are just awesome’.
From there on it was a case of just following my nose on the fire roads. As the day was coming to an end it was time to start looking for a sheltered spot to spend the night. After three or four dead ends I found the perfect spot just off the track overlooking the dam at Alwen in a pine forest. The floor was dry and more importantly so was the wood as the camp fire gave me some thing to do as the evening went dark.
I had the comfiest, warmest and best nights sleep of the bivvy trips this year. I’m not sure if it was the hip flask or the soft pine needles I was sleeping on but I slept very well.
After a dry night under the tarp it was time to meander a bit more along the forest tracks. This time the rain was horizontal with the very strong winds driving it. After a few tough miles it was back to the car and I’ve just got the cold ones left…………

Cheers and hopefully my November one could be a bit different as there may be 11 other fat bikers hitting the beach for a coastal meet!!!

You’ve inspired us all to get out there and do a bivvy Jeff!

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