Foto Gordo ♦ Cholo y la Bici Gorda

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Cholo along the Bow River

Dave Clark sent us this great shot of his Lab, Cholo and his Mukluk from Canmore Alberta! This is what Dave shared about his shot.

This is my riding buddy Cholo and my Muk Luk. I have ridden winters, for over thirty years and have never enjoyed it as much as with this bike. The pic was taken along the Bow River in Banff National Park. Cholo is a recently retired avalanche search dog who now spends his days with me and the Muk Luk.

Labs and fat-bikes are like peas and carrots. We have three huge dogs here at la hacienda del Lago so I have a real soft spot for los fotos de perros. Do you ever ride with your (four legged) best friend? Send us a picture and we’ll try to share it with the rest of, what the Viceroy calls  “the world-wide fat-bike tribe”! All you have to do is email uncle


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  1. Por un beso de la gorda yo daria lo que quiere. Have friends in Spain and when I attempted to say it correctly with my excellent Spanish they have no idea what that means. So I ended up having to ask “como se dice fat bike en Ingles?” Funny how English has crept into so many languages displacing the local parlance.

    But yes I love fat bikes prefer them to hardtails or full suspension. The trails I ride are not crazy technical parks involving strapping on rocket boosters, flying off a ramp and jumping over the grand canyon like you see on TV. I just want to be in the woods, hills and mountains going at a faster speed than I can hike, often because I am busy and need to get back home at a certain time for work or family reasons. The Fat Bike is so stable and grippy I just feel more confident on it vs thinner tire mountain bikes. I’ve owned all kinds and if I had to do it over again would just start with a fatty and end there but am a chill, risk averse rider more into nature less into excitement. YMMV.

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