45NRTH Releases Flowbeist And Dunderbeist Front And Rear Specific Fat Tires

45nrth-flowbeist-gomez-vertOur amigos at 45nrth sent us a set of these beauties just in time for a big old fat snow storm that dumped a foot of snow on the gnome-lands about a month ago. I took them on a few rides from busting fresh powder during the storm to riding some grooming that I had done at the local twisties. They set up tubeless very easily and held air overnight on the first try. I had a week’s worth of riding and then I headed off to Alaska and Utah. When I got back to Wisconsin, I took them out on the well ridden and cured groomed trails at Silver Lake and then, just yesterday, Sven and I went and rode a section of the River Bottoms in Minneapolis, before Frostbike. Maybe you saw us out there trying to keep a low profile. These two tires have a tread pattern that is unlike anything that’s currently on the market. I really need to get out and put more time with them to construct a clearer picture of how they’ll perform. 45NRTH is saying that the Flow and Dunder (beists) are for riding groomed trail, but I think they may be selling them short. This is a beefy and aggressively knobbed fat-bike, (front and rear) pair of tires that I’d throw at the most difficult conditions. (We’ll report back and let you know how that goes). Look for a report on all of that somewhere down the trail. Till then….let’s get you introduced to the beist brothers….Flow and Dunder!



BLOOMINGTON – FEBRUARY 21, 45NRTH is expanding their fat tire offering with the release of two wide and aggressive tires.

Designed to be run in tandem with front and rear specific tread patterns, FLOWBEIST and DUNDERBEIST continue to push the boundaries of innovation in tire design and performance.


FLOWBEIST – Designed for optimal use as a front tire, its wide 4.6” footprint floats well, rolls fast and is compatible with a wide range of frames and forks. Chamfered front edges on center lugs reduce rolling resistance, while perpendicular back edges promote braking traction. Repeating pairs of 8.3mm shoulder lugs with gussets and hollow centers deliver unparalleled cornering traction.


DUNDERBEIST – Also designed on the 4.6” casing, the rear specific tread pattern’s perpendicular front and back edges provide optimal braking and acceleration traction while still rolling fast. Center treads have cavities to create elasticity and increase the number of edges for grip. Lateral grooves on the shoulder knobs enhance stopping and acceleration power while 7.4mm side lugs with fore-aft grooves double the number of edges for cornering stability. 7.8mm shoulder lugs with gussets and hollow centers provide stability in extreme cornering.

Both FLOWBEIST and DUNDERBEIST are built on 45NRTH’s tubeless ready bead creating a secure fit that allows riders to run super low tire pressures with confidence and control.

For the ultimate combination of float and control, FLOWBEIST and DUNDERBEIST will be available starting in April with full availability in September and will retail for $140 MSRP.

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6 Responses to 45NRTH Releases Flowbeist And Dunderbeist Front And Rear Specific Fat Tires

  1. Chris February 22, 2015 at 3:55 pm #

    Full avail. in Sept. – so for next fall/winter. Damn, I want these for my Moonlander right now.

  2. eastvanmedman February 23, 2015 at 4:31 pm #

    Those are stylish tires but the rider in the topmost picture has an even more stylish beard!
    Fat bikes and 420 forever!

  3. RobB February 24, 2015 at 11:01 pm #

    nice tires but seriously OVERPRICED IMHO! I mean 140 bucks for a fatbike tire is just ridiculous.

  4. Tad Dickman February 27, 2015 at 3:19 pm #

    RobB… where were you like 2-3 years ago with the great fat bike tire price debate debacle wha wha fest? Wait that is all the time.

    $140 isn’t a lot for a really good fat bike tire. That is much LESS than 45Nrth usually has sold for in the past.

    Are you new to fat biking Rob? There used to be like 2 tires to choose from. Now there is a boat load at all prices. Go buy a $50 5 lb tire with shoddy quality if you don’t like the price. MSRP too, you realize all shops don’t charge MSRP right?

  5. Wade February 28, 2015 at 9:52 am #

    These are made in small runs. Since they are “specialty tires” they will command some dough. Now that there are other manufacturers getting in the game this will
    change. IE Bud was $170, it is now $130. Still a substantial chunk, but has gone down.
    The amazing thing is Schwalbe (known for high prices) is lower than QBP products, go figure. Yep the owners of QBP are enjoying their Aspen home complete with a Benz in the garage while we bellyache about paying for it…

  6. Dave Wages January 4, 2017 at 9:50 pm #

    Hey, do you guys have any real world width measurements on these tires? Seems like many wider tires are running narrow, especially depending on the rim width.