If the Sock Fits….wear it!

By:  Andrea Cohen

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I am a sock connoisseur. Socks are important, good ones are essential for comfort and style. I go out of my way to try out new socks all the time. So I was stoked when a package from Gomez arrived at World of Bikes containing two pairs of socks from Fits. One pair of Ultra Light Trail and my personal favorite, Wonder Women Casual Knee Highs! The socks are a blend of wool and synthetic materials making for a very soft sock, but it also has a bit of compression to it. Fits uses a Full Contact Fit for their socks, resulting in instant comfort.

awesome socks!

Usually I have to struggle to get my knee high socks on, these literally fit exactly where I wanted to them, and I was transformed into Wonder Woman. Perfect-o! They had just enough cushion where I needed it, plus I didn’t feel like I had to stretch them too far to make this happen. It was a fit that was meant to be!

The socks have a very distinct shape to them. They don’t just lay flat like a typical sock. These contours are what get the sock on my foot in the perfect spot and keep them there. The equipment that deals with the contact points between my bike and I (feet, hand, butt) is something that I invest in. Typically, the rides I do range anywhere from a short commute to overnight, non-stop endeavors. I wore all three pairs of socks for all my different styles of riding. I was extremely impressed by just how well the socks stayed in place. Never a weird wrinkle of fabric or the dreaded heel slip. I never had to worry about hot spots or friction from these socks either! Even when the socks got wet, the bit of wool helped they stay warm. I honestly found myself washing them more often so I could wear them on my longer rides.


After a couple weeks of wear and probably 6 or 7 cycles in the washer and dryer, the socks are holding up very well. The blend of wool and synthetic materials helps the socks hold their shape. Plus the minimal seams leaves little room for unraveling of fabric or a chance for holes to form. I have taken both pairs of socks on multiple 4+ hour rides and bush-wacked through annoying thorns and they show barely any signs of wear. Just a little bit of normal pilling around the heel. Also I am pretty sure the Wonder Women knee highs give me super powers. I will be purchasing a lot more of these socks to bolster my sock drawer!

Editor’s Note :  We also had two additional tester’s try out these Fits Socks.

Derrick from Schlick Cycles said “These are the best socks that I’ve ever worn!” Derrick went on to say:

I buy a lot of wool socks and it is hard for me to find a pair that can stand up to a hard weekend of riding and romping around the snow in the northwoods of Wisconsin without needing a wash. I put these Fits socks on in the car on the way to this years Fat-Bike Birkie and still had them on when we were packing up the car a few days later. The ergo heel cup and super long over-the-calf patriotic pattern threw me off at first because I was sure they would be all bunched up at the top of my boot by that night. I guess I’ve been wearing the wrong socks for years – These stayed over my calves all weekend. Something I can say about no other pair of socks I’ve tried. They stayed fresh, never held a smell, and kept my feet and lower leg temperature regulated in the snow and back at the bar after. Go ahead and give your other socks to your dog!


I was the third tester and I have to agree, that these are some of the best socks that I’ve ever experienced. I bet everybody out there has a favorite pair of socks lurking in a drawer, ready to go into action. This would be the pair of socks that get called into duty for the big rides or races. The FITS socks that I tested became my number one draft pick for cold winter rides. I put them through 4 laundry cycles during the test and they stayed true to size and wore very well. The stars and bars pair have become my favorite pair of winter (over the calf) socks. They fit extremely well and keep my feet toasty and comfortable. ~gomez~

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