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Hey good Fat-Bike friends! Tis the season for stuffing your stocking, or how about stocking your stockings with stockings?! As you can see all of the holiday music piping through every speaker in the land has clearly been getting to my head.

Minneapolis is currently lacking in our signature winter weather (it’s been dry and dare I say it, warm even) but these treasures from Sock Guy arrived in time for us to test them as the mercury begins to drop.

When I first found out about Sock Guy I immediately and excitedly signed up for their mailing list. I don’t know how you feel about promotional mailers but it has to be really cool for me to put my email on one of these lists, and after seeing their options a few years ago I wanted to make sure I got updates on their fun future products. I later discovered they are an American made product which I can definitely appreciate.

Let’s talk about socks. You spend your whole childhood wishing them you don’t get them for your birthday or the holidays. As an active young adult you spend your time eating ramen packets, pinching pennies, and nearly begging friends and family members for nice wool or technical socks for holidays and birthdays. Even as a moderately functional middle aged person, I still find myself asking for socks because nice ones can be pricy especially when they are wool or wool blends. I’m grateful to see that Sock Guy’s are super reasonably priced (even the fancier ones fall below the $15 price point, giddyup!) and the designs Sock Guy offers can’t be beat.

They were kind enough to send over two pairs of synthetics and two pairs of wool!


Did you know that “TACOCAT” is a palindrome? Well front to back I love these Taco Tuesday socks. Tacos are definitely my favorite food group (you heard me) and who wouldn’t want their socks to match what’s on their plate? These have a 6″ crew cuff  and are meant to be very wicking.


Another 6″ synthetic sock and just as wicking as those above, the Moon Head socks feature another one of my favorite things, that glimmering orb in the inky black sky. It controls the tides and its glow can take an already beautiful, snowy night ride into something truly magical. I’m hoping these will become one of my pairs of “lucky” socks.


Next up is the Horizon Wool sock. Sock Guys uses a 50% merino 50% poly blend, which they’ve dubbed TurboWOOL. By combining these fabrics you get the softness and antimicrobial aspects of merino with the stretch and wicking of poly. These socks reminded me of a desert sunset, hopefully a similar warmth, or at least the warm thoughts, will give me good insulation in my boots.


Last but certainly not least we have, the Blue Poncho Wool socks. When I saw these I was so excited. A nod to the design woven into many a sarape, these frosty blue striped socks are sure to keep me as comfy as I would be snuggled up in a favorite blanket after a long ride.

To check out some more offerings until the full review or to add some last-minute goodies to your wish list stop by

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  1. Scott January 15, 2016 at 12:24 am #

    Nice review! I love me some socks too, and have gone out of my way to get some cool ones. I am definitely ordering those Moon Head socks, really nice. My sock tip of the day: always order 2 pair of the same design. This increases your chances of laundry day sock matching success by about 100%. Sock Guy wool socks rock.

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