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GNOMEPROOFGEARIn this episode of Gnome-Proof Gear, we hear from Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot, Jeff Price, about his recipient of the GPG Seal of Approval. Jeff shares his thoughts on some Gore Bike Wear Trousers (slacks, britches, dungarees, pantaloons, or as some have come to call, pants). After that, it’s back to the world according to Gomez with Ibex’s Shak wool vest and then Spinner Ryerson closes this episode of Gnome-Proof Gear with the Sven Saw!

Gore Bike Wear Fusion Trousers ( £180) – by Jeff Price


I’ve been the happy owner of my Gore Bike Wear Fusion trousers for about 18 months now. After opening the packaging from a mail order company I was surprised to find the material is extremely thin compared to my previous pair which I bought over 10 years ago. But this is how far the Gore Bike Wear technology has moved forward in those 10 years. The trousers have not let me down, they have not got one tear/rip or any sign of the material failing. I’ve taken a couple of tumbles in that time and they are still in perfect condition. The other bonus is as they are a thin material it means they can be rolled up and stuffed in your frame bag as a spare set of trousers.

The dry extremely quick after a downpour, they also repel water, they are windproof which is good and they let my little legs breathe when the temperature goes up. Other features include:

  • a small zip pocket on rear
  • GORE-TEX®Stretch inserts on sides of thigh and knee
  • Reflective print on front and back
  • Adjustable bottom leg width with velcro fastening
  • Front zip
  • Elastic, width-adjustable waistband with velcro
  • Pre-shaped knees
  • Reflective logo on side

Gnome Proof trousers for sure!


Ibex Shak Merino Wool Vest ($130) – by ~gomez~

Shak Vest

I like to utilize a vest, mid layer, so I can keep my core toasty and use my arms as radiators. For years, I wore a variety of nylon wind vests, but in the past two winter ride seasons, my layering philosophy has evolved to a much less windproof set-up during the actual pedalling portion of a typical ride. At the speeds of a typical winter fat-bike ride, on forested trails, with the heat that I generate, I have found that wind proof layers are too hot. And that’s where the Ibex Merino Wool Vest came in to pinch hit for my usual Nylon Wind vest…..(sometimes referred to as a gillet). Ibex makes really nice merino wool apparel and we’ve tested a variety of their gear over the years. I purchased this vest and have worn it for the last six months. Machine washed and hung dry at least ten times the vest still looks new. The chest pocket is sized to fit my giant IPhone and merino wool, is generally, by it’s very nature…gnome-proof, so therefore the Ibex Vest earns the GPG/SOP with full oak clusters for style and function.

Sven Saw (~$40) – by Spinner Ryerson 


Trail Maintenance… It’s difficult, especially in the summer when you would rather spend your time riding than working. It’s inevitable that Gnomes will be putting trees down in your favorite trails. For this situation I’ve found that the Sven Saw is the perfect tool for the job. It folds up and slides into a it’s own handle so it is small enough to fit in a frame or hydration pack, and it’s quick & easy to assemble. I bought the 21 inch version but it also comes in a 15 inch size. You can easily carry it during your ride and saw out whatever the Gnomes have put in your way. You might imagine that a saw that shares the name Sven, with the Wizard of Fat and Plus Bikes dot com, Mr Sven Haamer, might just be gnome-proof….and you would be correct.

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  1. I too have the 21″ Sven Saw and can attest that the saw kicks ass. Not only light weight but able to cut through some good size trees. Great tool for bike packing adventures, you can have a raging fire with good size rounds.

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