Gnome-Proof Gear – Triple Aught Designs Artemis Hoodie – Voile Ski Straps – Lifeproof FRE Case

We launched our Gnome-Proof Gear series last month and this particular edition is a compilation from our Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots of the female persuasion. The Gnome-Proof Seal of Approval is awarded to gear that our product testers, have found to be the ‘Best of the Best’ in field tested, fat-bike accessories.


Triple Aught Designs Artemis Hoodie ($169) by by KitCat Montana

Triple Aught Designs makes military flavored gear and clothing and their women’s clothing line has knocked it out of the park in terms of functionality, durability, and looking down right good!

Ladies, I promise this is going to be your favorite wool piece in your wardrobe. It has it all non-scratchy merino wool, thumb holes, a generous hood and it fits fabulously and goes easily from winter bike riding layer to sleek sweater for a night out in a casual venue.   You will not regret the $160.00 price tag, especially once you realize that you’re wearing this thing every day.

Triple Aught –


Voile Ski Straps ($6) by Andrea Cohen

WHAT SHALL I CHOOSE??! I choose ski straps. They are orange. That means they match anything. We have a bunch from Voile here at World of Bikes but you can get them from most any outdoor shops. I use them to strap my dry bags to my anything cages. My Crocs to my Revelate seat-bag. My giant Nalgene bottle to my handlebars. Even the fat wheels to tray style bike racks when the ratchet straps won’t reach. Probably my head onto my shoulders. They work in all kinds of crazy weather. Super mega hot to super duper chilly, think -20. They won’t crack or fray like a normal bungee cord. They come in different lengths, but are very easy to tie out of the way if they are too long. They cost about 6 bucks, which has lead me to acquire like 20 of them. These Voile ski straps keeps my things in place on my bike. That’s the best, because I like making my fat-bike carry, as many things as it can, instead of me schlepping them. Because, really, if I didn’t strap stuff to my bike, I would most likely loose it.


Lifeproof FRE Case by Natalia Mendez

I’m pretty much in love with my Lifeproof FRE case. It’s slim, waterproof (it’s survived many downpours, mud, beach days, and the occasional shower sing-along), drop proof (I was biking around at pretty good clip, pulled out my phone, dropped it, and it skidded across the pavement. Had to double back to pick it up but it was like nothing had happened to it!), and does better in cold than other phone cases I’ve had. That being said, when it hits zero my phone still shuts off but that’s typical. Either way, this is the only brand I’ve trusted so far to protect my phone which is my primary form of picture taking, so it is precious to me. My Lifeproof case is not only Mendez-proof but gnome proof as well! ~ Giddyup

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