2017 Sea Otter Classic Report – Part 2

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190850

I think that they purposfully set up trade shows and expo’s in a maze to confuse and delight the folks that attend and Sea Otter is no exception. So I set out to cover all of the things that I might have missed in part one of this year’s Sea Otter coverage. You can view part one here –  But if you’ve read this far, your lust for Plus & Fat bikes is most likely, very strong, so let’s begin our journey into part two of our report.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190859

Lezyne has added a digital gauge to their ‘best in segment’ Micro Floor Drive XL. The new gauge and hose will be available to purchase as a separate item, so you can upgrade your current Lezyne pump with the in-line digital gauge.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190851

Our amigos at Wren Sports were showing their line of carbon seatposts, handlebars and stems along with the inverted suspension fork. They had a gorgeous Foes Mutz in the booth that featured their components.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190854

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190829

Derby – I came across Derby Rims in my wanderings. Ray shared some tales of Derby atop Mt. Tam from back in the day. He started Derby out of his garage, when he couldn’t find wider rims for mountain biking.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190828

We hope to get Ray on the Black Ribbon Bike Hour to talk about West Coast Derby.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190865-2

I checked back at the Fatback booth and got to see our old friend Greg Matyas. If you’re in the market for a fat-bike or want to upgrade your current fat-bike, you owe it to yourself to check out Fatback.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190823

Foes Racing was showing their new Alpine Plus dually rocking Surly Dirt Wizard Sneakers

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190824

The Foes Racing Mutz was all over Sea Otter. Is dual suspension fat in your future?

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190825

Are you looking for a drive train that doesn’t start with the letter S? Then you might like Box Components. Here’s an almost plus bike from Pivot in the Box Booth.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190826

I made a mental note to circle back to the HED Booth and get a picture of their Raptor B+ Wheel. The photo above is at the Onyx Racing Booth, but I did make it back to the HED tent and look who I found rubbing elbows with Paul from HED.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190858

The one and only Will Ross and Jamie Stull from Chain Reaction Cycles. The folks from 9:Zero:7. They have a new fat-bike called the Lynx, but they didn’t have a booth at the show.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190857

The HED Raptor wheels are available now.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190830

The delivery trucks mean business in Cali

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190832

Otso/Wolftooth Booth

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190835

If you listen to the Black Ribbon Bike Hour, you’ve heard us talk about Vintage MTB and the Breezer and Fat Chance Booths had a new twist on V-MTB.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190837

Check out the new plus bike from Breezer sharing the bed of this old Dodge P/U Truck

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190838

Right across the aisle and from the opposite coast Chris Chance resurrected the Team Yo Eddy as a plus bike. This one really peaks my interest!

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190845

Tasco – Yes Please! –

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190847

EVOC had a fat and plus bike travel case in their booth. Available this fall.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190846

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190861

Marin Plus Bike Hardtail

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190862

A pair of Carbon fat-bike rims in the Alex Booth

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190864

A we’ll close the show with some plus bike Voodoo from Voodoo Cycles

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3 Responses to 2017 Sea Otter Classic Report – Part 2

  1. Keith C April 24, 2017 at 2:20 pm #

    Great article man I want that Lezyne digital gauge for sure !! I can totally see me getting a Foes Racing Mutz this year at the end of the season .

  2. thub April 24, 2017 at 6:05 pm #

    Thanks G for the great coverage of stuff I care about at Sea Otter! Yo Eddy Plus, sign me up!

  3. Dan April 29, 2017 at 9:57 am #

    “The Foes Racing Mutz was all over Sea Otter. Is dual suspension fat in your future?”
    Thanks Fat-Bike for the coverage. I must have been away from the booth (getting a new driver from I9 for that missing rear wheel, to be exact).
    But we should talk about the the new Mutz150, hit me up.

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