2017 Sea Otter Classic Report – Part 1


With the near death of Interbike, the Sea Otter Classic has become the pinnacle of the bicycle industry ‘show & tell’ in these United States of America. In addition to every kind of bike racing known to mankind, the Sea Otter presents an exposition area that features every cool bicycle company that you’ve ever read about and even the giant sized, bicycle companies show up with their latest gear. I guess there are a few exceptions, to  how I’ve elevated the Sea Otter Classic, for instance, the QBP bicycle brands were absent, but as you’ll see, Q sent at least, one of their brands to Sea Otter. With Interbike on life support and the mega-bike-corporations preferring to hold private, ‘dealer only’ shows, the Sea Otter Classic has become an important event for consumers to learn about what’s going on in the bike industry.

We’ve been reporting on the approaching wave of e-bikes and there was evidence of the bicycle industry’s intentions to bring pedal assisted e-bikes to a bike shop near you. All the major players have jumped into the e-bike game and I learned some new bike industry nomenclature from the folks at Raleigh E-bikes. If you ride a bike that is not an e-bike, it’s an acoustic bike. I’m really into acoustic biking, but today’s report does include a smattering of bikes with batteries.

This year’s Sea Otter also featured a healthy dose of Plus bikes and the new ‘tweener’ 2.6″ almost plus bikes, tires and wheels. We’re scheduling a slew of plus bike tests over the next few months and there are some really exciting products that’ll be gracing our pages over the summer.

So here’s what caught my eye, on day one, of this year’s Sea Otter Classic!

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190766

Manitou officially released their new Pro and Comp Mastodon fat-bike fork. The fork has HUGE tire clearance and also has excellent low temperature performance designed into the product from day one.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190769

The Mastodon mounted on a Foes Racing Mutz

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190770

The new Manitou Mastodon on a Mukluk

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190776

The Ortlieb folks had this Hideryckx Plus Bike in their booth.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190775

Maxxis Plus Bike Tires on a Commencal e-bike dually

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190773

Stan’s No Tubes had this awesome Plus Trike in their booth.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190774

Stans has your plus bike wheel needs covered.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190765

Raleigh created a completely new e-bike division of their company. These were the cats that coined the ‘Acoustic Bike’ term.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190764

Lake has a new Winter cycling boot that features a BOA closure and 400 grams of thinsulate insulation.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190763

Cannondale didn’t wait on the sidelines (like they did with fat-bikes). E-Plus Dually

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190762

This was the most interesting thing in the Kenda Booth

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190761

Fatback’s new Corvus in a new Thule fat-bike compatible roof rack tray.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190786

The Fatback booth where I learned that they have some really cool things in the works.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190760

The Spank Spike – Best Product Name

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190759

Reynolds Elite Carbon Wheels – FBC Tested and Approved

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190758

If you ride platform pedals, you should try a pair of 5 ten stealth rubber shoes. They’ll up your game.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190818

Breadwinner Cycles Plus Bike

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190816

Tim from Terrene/Advocate talking to Neil from Cyclemonkey. Neil is holding a Zeroed Bikes Carbon Dual Suspension Pinon gearbox bike.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190817

Cyclemonkey partnered with Venatana on this Pinon Plus bike that we should be testing very soon.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190815

Terrene Tires has a new plus bike tire.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190814

Retrotec Pus Bike

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190812

QBP’s newish tire brand Teravail had 3 plus tires along with their gravel bike tires. It looks like the folks that run 45NRTH are now in charge of Teravail, which should bode well for them.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190808

Otso/Wolftooth continue to innovate with their cage extender storage rack and new strapless frame bags that they worked with Revelate Designs to develope for the Otso Voytek.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190811

Wolftooth also has a nice tool wrap to help keep your bike tools handy on the bench and allows you to take your tools to a race or road trip. We’ll be doing some tool testing this summer to look for the ultimate travel tool kit.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190806

WTB’s impressive plus bike tire line-up.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190803

The Framed Montana D/S Fatty

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190805

As soon as the Montana is available, we’ll have one to test and review.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190799

Vee Tire introduced the Flow Snap in 27.5 and 29 in the new ‘tweener 2.6″ width that may fit on your traditional 29r frame/fork.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190801

Flow Snap Tread Pattern

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190779

Vee’s Fat Tire Lineup

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190777

RST is offering their Renegade fat-Bike Fork. This year’s forks will all have black silders like the fork on the right.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190783

The folks at Jagwire had this blinged out BFD in their booth.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190787

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190793

Felt Plus Bike Dually

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190797

Spot Mayhem Carbon Plus Bike Dually

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190792

Norco Plus Bike Hardtail

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190788

Rock Shox Fat & Plus Forks

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190784

Jamis – Steel is Real in a plus bike that we’ll be testing very soon.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190785

Jamis Fat and Aluminum Plus rigs

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190789

The Park Tool trailer is kinda dreamy.

2017 sea otter classic expo-1190781

I’ll close day one with a shot of this hydro-dipped Surly Krampus.

More to come….

8 Responses to 2017 Sea Otter Classic Report – Part 1

  1. Dennis Bauer April 21, 2017 at 9:50 am #

    Do you know if the framed dual ku will fit a 37.5×3.8 tire in the rear triangle?

    • Dennis Bauer April 21, 2017 at 11:27 am #

      Correction to my post above. Dual suspension an shoul read will it fit a 27.5x 3.8

    • Gomez April 21, 2017 at 7:05 pm #

      no way

  2. thub April 21, 2017 at 12:17 pm #

    That Vee white fat tire rocks! Need to score a pair. Did you get a chance for a test ride on that Mastodon???

  3. Bret April 21, 2017 at 1:50 pm #

    The red bike stand base behind the trike causes an optical illusion. It makes it look like the trike frame wraps around the far wheel.

  4. Co-opski April 21, 2017 at 5:02 pm #

    “It looks like the folks that run 45NRTH are now in charge of Trevail, which should bode well for them.” Like missed production estimates, products that are not ready for primetime and false promises. Yes 45Nrth that is what I want.

  5. paul April 21, 2017 at 6:48 pm #

    The bright yellow Norco is NOT a Sasquatch but a Full carbon 2018 Ithaqua.

    • Gomez April 21, 2017 at 7:11 pm #

      I thought the Ithaqua was just a legend. How do you tell one mythical character from another mythical character?

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