First Look – Specialized RipRock 24” Plus Bike by Andy Amstutz

So much for the playground. The second installment of kids fat and plus bikes reviews is coming to you from This time it’s in the form of a Specialized RipRock 24” plus bike. Leave it up to my “becoming-a-better-friend-everyday” fat and plus bike guru, Gomez, to secretly have a FedEx box shipped to my house from Morgan Hill, California. Once I saw the shipping notice, I knew exactly what was, on its way, to the third coast, (and this time, there was no signature required!) Sure as shoot, the capital S box arrived on my front porch and the kids and I opened it to reveal one of these beauties.

So once again, local playground equipment will be sans two school-age girls as they begin their experience on a plus bike, to be Specific, a 24×2.8” tire loaded up with very impressive specs. Which all comes at an MSRP of $1000.

I’m going against product preview standards here, but this kids bike kinda floored us when we put it in the stand for minor assembly.

Alice: Dad, what’s this blue dial on the fork?
Me: Holy crap Alice, it’s a lockout dial!

Jane: Hey dad, it’s got 10 speeds. This bike must be fast
Me: Maybe but probably not. KBS and I have the same amount of gears…point made?

They couldn’t resist making up stories about the adventures this bike will have over the next 4-6 weeks during the review period.

I don’t know about them, but I’m excited to see how they handle this bike compared to their 2.1” trad mountain bike and the experience they had on the 4” fatty this spring.

Stayed tuned for the final review later this summer and be sure to check out all the newness of planet S at their website –

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