Foto Gordo – The Green Tunnel

This week’s desktop wallpaper comes to us directly from my hard drive. You just never know what you’ll find out there in the woods. I’ve been a long time fan of utilizing bicycles for recreational exploration and possess a long time passion for photography that’s almost as old as my passion for bicycles! I used to spend a significant percentage of my allowance and lawn mowing money at Bade Bike Shop in Des Plaines, as a kid, and to this day… bike continues to bring me places that make me happy to be alive! So here are some new pixels to freshen up your desktop.

~ Felices Caminos Amigos ~ g

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  1. Durring the summer, a stop at Bade’s was an every other day mandatory stop for us on our daily explorations. Me aboard my trusty yellow Stingray with a black, rear Tuff Wheel, ape hangers, and a pair of black Oakley 3’s i purchased from them. I must have made the guys pull those grips outta the bin for me to look at a thousand times before I had the $ to take them with me. I so wish that place was still open!

  2. A very cool image of an awesome location. This find is part of what exploration by fatness is all about! Thanks for sharing.

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