Wallpaper Wednesday – By Johnclimber

Our long time contributor Johnclimber captured this image on a stormy day over in England. This is what John shared about the photo that currently occupies my computer’s desktop wallpaper.

Hi Gomez,

This photo was taken on my local Merseyside (England) beach and trails Fat Bike Sunday morning loop. The photo was taken on Southport Pier on what turned out to be a very stormy day with a wet ride home…My bike is my much loved Travers Bat Fastard (as in the Austin Powers movie the Spy who Sha&&ed me), with a Lauf Carbonara front fork and Wildcat bike luggage so that I don’t need to carry any back pack. It runs 1 x 11 with an oval front ring, 100mm wide Surly Clown Show rims, Hope hubs, Brooks Cambuim saddle and 4.8″ Jumbo Jim tyres (or shout that be tires?). I’ve recently fitted flat pedals and Stooge Moto bars to aid my wheelie training, So far I can get 27 pedal strokes maximum up hill, by goal is to get 50 by 50…. 50 pedal strokes by the time I’m 50 (mid October). So far I’ve ridden it over 2,850 miles since upgrading from my Salsa Mukluk (mark 1, the first one in the UK). It’s just come back with me from a trip to the Highlands of Iceland where it and the country was awesome.

John Moore

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  1. JohnClimber August 23, 2017 at 3:53 pm #

    Cheers Gomez, I hope the others who see it like it as much as you and I do

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