Foto Gordo – Tasmania


This week’s wallpaper comes from our long time amigo and photo contributor, Ross Cairns! The photo was taken near Latta on the North Coast of Tasmania on a bikepacking trip that Ross wrote about at his blog The Unknown Rider. We’re coming up on the sixth anniversary of Wallpaper Wednesdays, here at fat dash bike dot com. That’s over three hundred amazing fat-bike images from our amigos from around the world. You can check out the Wallpaper Wednesday Gallery Archives here.

What’s on Your Hard Drive!

Send us a fabulous fat-bike photo and some day, down the road,  you might see your bike on a Wallpaper Wednesday post! If you send along a snail mail address, we’ll send you some kick ass stickers ta’boot! Hey, and if you haven’t entered to win the Framed Alaskan Carbon fat-bike, you should click here and get entered. We’re at the halfway point in the contest. You have till the end of October to enter. Someone is going to win a sweet new BIKE!

Save the Date – Global Fat-Bike Day is December 2nd 2017!


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