Product Spotlight – Terrene Tires – Cake Eater – 26 x 4.0 & 26 x 4.6

Our amigos at Terrene Tires sent us the follow up to their rugged 4 season Wazia fat-bike tire, the Cake Eater. Tim from Terrene shared with us, “Riders asked for a tire a bit less aggressive and lighter than the Wazia and that’s what we’ve developed with the Cake Eater. The new tire is a bit more winter-specific with snow siping and comparatively more aggressive side knobs (compared to center knob height)”. The Cake Eaters come in either 26 x 4.0 – 26 x 4.6 – 27.5 x 4.0 – 27.5 x 2.8. Our test tires (photo above) are both 120 TPI Light casing versions in 26 x 4.0 and 26 x 4.6.

The other key aspect to both the Wazia and the Cake Eater is the ability to accept studs. The Cat Eaters have 180 stud receptacles on each tire. Studded tires can make the difference between being able to ride and not being able to get out of the driveway without crashing. We think it’s pretty smart of Terrene to incorporate a studded option in both of their fat-bike tread patterns. The boys sent along 320 of their triple traction tungsten carbide steel studs and an installation tool, that looks destined to give somebody (probably me) a mean blister this winter, when we stud these puppies up for skating season.

The Measurements

Cake Eater 26 x 4.0 – Weight 1280 grams – Flat Bead to Bead = 223 mm – Flat Tread To Tread = 120 mm – Mounted (80mm Rim), Casing = 101.90mm, Tread = 99,77 mm

Cake Eater 26 x 4.6 – Weight 1482 grams – Flat Bead to Bead = 240 mm – Flat Tread To Tread = 140 mm – Mounted (100mm Rim), Casing = 118,25 mm, Tread = 115.73 mm

(L) 4.6 mounted to HED Carbon 100mm (R) 4.0 mounted to Reynolds Elite Carbon 80mm

Right off the bat, we’ll be testing the 26×4.0 Cake Eaters on my new bike. That’s right, I bought a new bike. No, not another test bike. A bike to replace Otis. Can you guess what I bought? The Cake Eater falls into the category of fat-bike tires that we’ve referred to as moderately knobbed. Tires that bring balance to the relationship between rolling resistance and traction. Add in the fact that the Cake Eater’s side knobs are more aggressive and the fact that you can stud the Cake Eater, put this tread pattern into a category all it’s own. We can’t wait to take these tires out and see how they roll! You can look forward to a full review after the snow starts to fly!

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  1. icecreamtrucker November 1, 2017 at 1:47 pm #

    NOOOOOOOOOO I’m sorry Otis. I’m so sad I wanted to see Otis get more pimped.

  2. Brian November 1, 2017 at 5:45 pm #

    Did I miss the pricing? How much are these?

    • Gomez November 2, 2017 at 10:00 am #

      click the link at the bottom of the article – each size has 3 price options

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