Wallpaper Wednesday – Grand Falls on the Dead River


This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday is from one of our long-time amigos, Tom McDonald. I found this shot in my Wallpaper Folder from last year’s images, yet I knew we had never published this particular image. We’ve shared quite a few of Tom’s photographs over the years and Tom won a photo contest that we ran a few years ago. So I pinged Tom and asked him if it was still ok to publish his photo in this week’s WW and asked him if he might be able to write a blurb about the photo. This is what Tom shared…

That shot takes me back. Grand Falls on the Dead River, Maine after a March freeze/thaw. It was -15 that morning yet the river was still flowing nicely due to a 60 deg temperature swing from two days earlier. There was a fresh coyote kill about a mile from here that looked like a scene from a slasher film, I could still smell the blood. The ice crystals clinging to every surface provided a nice palate cleanse. Didn’t see a soul the entire day.

That’s some pro-level blurbing right there! Thanks for sharing amigo! We’re gonna send Tom some of out sweet new flying monkey stickers and if you have a gorgeous photo and can blurb a little, we should work out a sticker for pixels trade. (gnome sane?)

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