Wallpaper Wednesday – The Beach

Here in no particular order are my ‘editor’s choice’ shots from some recent beach riding posts. The photo above came to us from Joshua Macpherson. Josh was joined by riders, Brad Mertens and Ross Cairns, near Myall Lakes, New South Wales, Austalia. 

Cédric sent us this shot from a beach ride on the coast of Belgium and Northern France. The route started at Depanne Beach in Belgium and ended in Leffrinckoucke in France. In addition to the seascape and the dunes, the shores are littered with bunkers from the second world war. An unknown artist, covered one of them with mirrors and mother nature added a double rainbow as the coup de grâce.

From our monthly series that features photos from the 2017 Simpson Desert Challenge Champion, Eckart Altenkamp. This is what Eckart shared about this photo.

I took this photo on a training ride for the Simpson race on Fraser Island, in Queensland. The entire Island is a national park. It’s a 4×4 paradise and the largest sand Island in the world. The beach is the only main road. All inland tracks are 100% sand. The island features terrific natural habitat and provided me with terrific training for the Simpson.

This shot comes to us from Gregg Murray from the beaches of Staten Island, New York. I smell the dirty work of gnomes in this one. Note the classic pointy hat construction at the top of each carefully erected rock cairn. Here’s what Gregg had to say about this week’s WW.

My buddy Zoller and I came across these rock structures on the south shore of Staten Island NY last weekend. Shortly thereafter, as luck would have it, we came across the person responsible for these creations. A nice local gent in his 60s who’s been building these for over 30 years. No particular reason; he just likes to make something out of his surroundings and finds it both challenging and relaxing. These are a few of several such features along a 1/4 mile stretch of beach. He said they are generally strong enough to resist the tides but sometimes he has to rebuild sections after major storms.

Last up is not an “editor’s Choice’ but rather just the best shot that I took yesterday on a reconnaissance ride for Sunday’s Beach Funduro up in Port Washington. This is my bike Otis propped up in the roots of a big tree on the South Beach. I love beach riding. I always come home with a pocket full of rocks and you just never know what you’ll find along the way. If you like fun on bikes, you should come and join us on Sunday.

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  1. Allroy April 24, 2019 at 3:41 pm #

    Leave it to Gomez to post a picture of one of his kids 😉.
    Nice pictures all around. Really love the mirrored bunker. Looks like something out of the Transformers’ movie.

  2. puck April 25, 2019 at 9:24 pm #

    Yeah you are

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