Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast #20 – Interview With Vince from Chumba USA

The main portion of today’s show is a nice talk with Vince Colvin from Chumba USA! We chat about:

  • Bikes
  • Alex racing the Tour Divide
  • SSUSA coming up in Austin
  • a bunch of other stuff!

Besides our ChumbaChat we delve into:

  • Fatbike Zion Beach Cleanup
  • Mike’s trip east
  • Fancy wheels
  • The Roll Bicycles GR:1
  • Upcoming events
  • other stuff I forgot. Listen to the show and you will learn!
Fat BOB fat-bike beach cleanup!
Greg Chumba Ursa Major at Illinois Beach State Park
JK crusin’ Virginia Beach
That’s a Big Fat Dummy. Hard to see but it has a Rohloff rear hub!

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