Helmet Review: Lazer Bullet 2.0 – by Aristotle Peters

A helmet isn’t something that you generally get too excited about or play around with much out of the box.  You usually buy your helmet, put it on, turn a dial, and ride.

The Bullet 2.0 was a new experience for me in a helmet.  I found myself playing with it for over 30 minutes after it arrived at my house. I even got a “that’s enough. It’s just a helmet.” comment from my wife.

The Bullet 2.0 has a lot of features and accessories that are available for it, which makes it incredibly versatile.  First off, the Airslide system provided me with the ability to adjust the airflow of the helmet on the fly.  The center of the helmet can be moved easily forward, closing the front vent and closing the fins under the outer shell.  If this is slid back, it opens up the front vent and all of the fins. I found this to be the best part of the helmet and what sets it apart from other helmets that I have used.  

My other favorite features of this helmet are the fit system, which includes a blinky at the center of the adjustment dial.  This fit system doesn’t just move the rear of the helmet, but instead tightens the pads all the way around the helmet.  This makes the helmet feel like it is floating on your head, which is very comfortable.

The coldest temperature I had available to ride with this was my morning commute to work.  I had temperatures in the low 40’s, which had me with the vents closed. Near the end of my commute, I was able to open up the vent to aid in cooling down before getting to work.  This was amazing!!! The ability to control the airflow is something that I haven’t had and something that I appreciated even on a fairly short commute. I think this would be a valuable feature for riding in the winter to prevent overheating and to regulate your temperature.

My biggest concern for mountain biking comes with the included magnetic glasses.  Although I loved this feature for commuting and road riding; I am worried about it being secure with mountain biking.  The glasses have a total of three magnets on them. Two of them are to attach them for use and one of them is to store them on the back of the helmet.  My first ride with the helmet was a commute to work. When I arrived at school I removed the lens and attached it via the magnet to the back of the helmet.  When I took the helmet off and hung it on my bike, the lens fell to the ground. I would not trust this storage while riding off-road. However, other sunglasses fit just fine with this helmet. 

Another thing that I tried out at home was whether or not this helmet would work well with goggles.  I would like to use the Bullet in the winter because of the adjustable ventilation. I am happy to report that goggles work great with this helmet.  The strap sits nicely in the back fins of the helmet, leaving no chance of slipping.

I would highly recommend this helmet for anyone who rides multiple disciplines.  All of the features and accessories make this helmet a versatile pick for Road, XC, Cyclocross, commuting, and Fat-biking with goggles.  I have ridden this helmet a lot and am happy to give it 4 out of 5 beer steins. If the included lenses had more secure storage then it would be full beers.

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