Reader’s Ride(s) – The Big Crosley (BFD+Crosscheck+Pugsley)

Paul Wackowski sent us some shots of his creation ‘The Big Crosley’. Paul lives in California’s Central Valley. He learned how to weld in 8th or 9th grade. He started on cars and motorcycles but when he didn’t have space for larger projects he started customizing bicycles. Paul started out by cutting frames up to modify/customize bikes. 10 years ago, Paul finished his first scratch-baked bicycle and he’s been at it nonstop ever since.

Paul makes custom cruisers, freak bikes, cargo bikes, and mtb/klunkers. To see more of Pauls’s work check out Wacko’s Garage on FB and Instagram . Paul builds primarily as a hobby but he occasionally builds something on consignment if someone has a really cool idea. Here’s what Paul had to say about the Big Crosley.

Hey Gomez,

My name is Paul and this is the fat bike I built almost 2 years ago. It all started with a Pugsley offset fork and a few cracked Surly Cross Check frames welded together to fit me and a hand-me-down frame bag made for a much smaller frame. I made the offset rear end to match the front and utilize a Rohloff hub that I had. It wasn’t until partway through the build that I heard Gates was introducing long belts perfect for a longtail. The belt sizes available made me have to redesign the rear end for proper length and come up with a way to use some Salsa Alternator dropouts to adjust tension rather than the chain tensioner I was going to use before. This bike utilizes a 1st batch 174T CDX belt that has performed flawlessly even on the beach through the waves.  I had to get creative with some paragon frame splitters to be able to run the belt through the cargo frame. The rear tubing is chromoly with a fairly thick wall to limit flex.

An Old Man Mountain rack was adapted to the front, planet bike 29er front fender was cut in half and widened, surly Moloko bars, and a Thomson seat post round out the cool bits. Used a controltech stoker stem to hold the home made hooptie for my kids…

I took some fresh pictures today running errands to pick up the kids and some supplies for a camping trip. One question I get a lot is if I will paint it and I usually reply that not having it painted leaves me wide open to modify it down the road without having to ruin powdercoat or paint. 🙂

Paul Wackowski

Reader’s Ride(s)

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  1. That is a BAMF!!!! Way to incorporate the belt drive, the less maintenance the merrier!


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