Adam Blake’s Pneu Podcast with Special Guest Steve Cannon

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Fat-Bike Radio is proud to present Adam Blake’s New Podcast. We’re playing around with the idea of calling the new show the Pneumatic Podcast. What do you think Adam’s Pneu Podcast should be named? Let us know in the comments.

Adam is joined in his Iowa City kitchen by his brother Steve Cannon! They talk about a variety of subjects from Steve’s 1000 mile Iditarod Trail vision quest to some wild things that are better explained by listening to the show.

It was a pleasure to record the great conversation between these two dear friends and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t learn a thing or two…like take, for instance, the twenty-six Steves…As I said, it’s probably better to learn more about the details by playing the podcast.


Click on the bear for more information about the Film!

Steven Cannon – 1st Iowan to complete 1000 Mile Iditarod Trail Invitational, 1st to Run Around Lake Michigan (1037 Miles), Fundraiser, Author, Filmmaker, Keynote Speaker, Believer in the infinite possibilities of YOU! –

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  2. Adam, Steve, as the kid riding the tricycle said at the end of The Incredibles,


    I really enjoyed the journey Steve took us on, facilitated by Adam asking great questions. Thanks for going deep and letting us in on such an amazing experience.

    Looking forward to the next one, Cheers!

    Who’s Adam mixing it up with today in “Adam’s Auditory Kitchen”? Stay tuneed true believers!

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