Fat-Bike Radio All-Star Jam with Special Guest Jay Petervary and music by Ex Uncle

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Spinner & the PWC Ax

Sven, JK, Gomez, Spinner, & Crazy Chris Daisy talk into the can along with Hugh Jass Race Series Commissioner, Amelia Kegel-Bosco and Special Guest Jay Petervary with music by Ex-Üncle. The show was recorded in bits and bytes in the studio and in front of a live audience at the Grand Ballroom in the Illinois Beach Hotel during the Fatter by the Lake Weekend Retreat sponsored by Surly Bikes. There was derby, drinks, and a fat raffle. It was the kind of night that only happens once in a blue moon….and that’s probably a good thing cuz I don’t know if we can handle that much fun too often. #funwithfatbikes4life

(L-R) Sven – Spinner – JK

Spinner told of the origins of the Pugsley World Championships and what has lead to the separation of the PWC and the Pugsley Games.

Roll call of past winners of the PWC traveling Trophy:

  • 2011 – Jeff Friedhof
  • 2012 – Colin Ford
  • 2013 – Ron “Chewy” Moffit
  • 2014 – Mike McColgan
  • 2015 – Jeff O’Gara
  • 2020 – Kristi Domeier

Ex-Üncle Songs included:

  • Show Intro
  • Awake and Dreaming
  • The Old Ways are Gone
  • Unicorn Porn


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