1Up USA Rak Attach

Our neighbors and amigos at 1Up USA over in Dickyville Wisconsin manufacture an accessory for their excellent hitch racks called the Rak Attach that allows the fully loaded rack to pivot ninety degrees and lock into position so you can gain unfettered access to the back of your vehicle. (photo below)

The Rak Attach is made with heavy gauge steel and powder-coated black. You can choose the right or left side pivot point. The accessory mounts in the 2″ receiver with a standard cottered hitch-pin and comes with an anti-sway clamp that helps lock the RA into place. My 1Up USA EqippeD 2″ rack mounts into a pinned receiver on the accessory and that’s all it takes to get ready to twist and shout!

To release the pivot on the accessory, there’s a magnetic pin and a steel latch that has a safety locking pin. When things get snowy and covered in ice the magnetic pin can be a bit of a PITA to remove but we always managed to get it out when we needed to. (see below)

Up in Duluth, we gave the Rak Attach a great winter field test. Tony and I drove up in a whiteout that dropped eight inches of fresh snow. (Good Times!)

My car camping set-up is coming off of a rooftop tent and going to sleeping in the bed of the truck with truck-tent or what Dustin described as a truck diaper (photo below)

The Rak Attach allows easy access for the new micro-RV #mobilefununit

So far I love the new Rak Attach! I can’t believe how bumpy some of the roads are in and around Wisconsin. My 1Up USA holds my precious cargo through it all and now it pivots out of the way so I can have tailgate parties or slumber parties while my bikes hang out securely locked to the rack.

We’re going to put this bad boy through the wringer and see what we see by the middle of the summer camping season. I’ll circle back with a long term review then, but if you’re curious about the Rak Attach visit 1Up-USA,com for more information.

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  1. Thanks for a very informative article, I REALLY need one of these. Their website doesn’t do a great job of describing how to measure your vehicle to get the best fitment as the make 3 sizes. Is that a “large” mounted on the truck in the photos?

    • Call 1UpUSA and tell them what vehicle(s) that you plan to use the RA with and they’ll send you the correct size.

  2. How were you able to get your Rakattach to line up so level on your Tacoma? I’ve never seen such perfect alignment with the Rakattach before.

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