First Look – Wren Sports Bar & Stem

A couple of weeks ago, I bolted a new joystick onto my Fatback Corvus FLT carbon fat-bike that some of you might know as Ten Beers. Joystick is an interesting bit of gnomenclature from the early days of gaming. A stick that creates joy! In this case, the joystick, in question translates to what most of you out there would call a handlebar and stem. This particular bar and stem are made by Wren Sports. The same Wren Sports that makes the inverted fat-bike suspension fork makes the lightest “the lightest ISO stem available in the market, at any price” says company founder, Kevin Wren. I’d been running a Fatback OE stem with an aftermarket Fatback sixteen-degree sweep carbon fiber flat bar on Ten Beers and I thought that it was time to spice things up with a more traditional nine-degree low riser from Wren. The new bar is 840 mm wide!

Wren 3D Forged, Lightweight Aluminum Stem – 70mm 6-degree rise


  • 3D forged from AL7050, superior to AL6061 for strength, hardness and rigidity
  • Forging is superior to CNC, strengthens the material and allows for better grain structure
  • Molds designed specifically to enhance grain structure during 3D forging
  • 4 bolt clamp distributes clamping force over a wider area
  • Torx 20 bolts used for strength and weight savings
  • Available in 6-degree or 17-degree versions, 31.8 mm bore
  • Matte finish and laser-etched graphics

Forged from 7000 series aluminum we are stronger and lighter than the competition.  At $79.99 including free shipping, there is no better value in the bike business.

Kevin Wren

Wren Carbon Handlebars


WHM350 – (I would call it the Bus Driver or the Bad Mamma Jamma)
✦ Full high modulus, hand-laid carbon
✦ Clamp: 31.8mm, Weight: 240 grams /8.4 ounces (Our bar was 245 g)
✦ Rise: 25mm, Up: 5°, Back: 9°
✦Width: 840mm

The handlebars are designed using computer modeling to increase strength where needed and carbon flags are cut and positioned by hand to provide maximum strength and light weight.  All manufacturing and quality control are performed in house.

Kevin Wren

Wren makes a variety of bars. Check out their full line of handlebars – (Here)

How does it compare?

I took off the Fatback Stem and Sweet 16 handlebar and compared them to the new Wren Stem and Bar. Check out the photos below.

I simply took 25mm of spacers and put then on top of the stem on the new riser bar setup. I wanted to keep my hand position at the same height as the old flat bar setup. One of the really pleasant changes with the new setup is the extra Wide-AF stance of the new Wren Bars! I hella like it! (YMMV) I may go back to the Sweet 16 bars for snow riding, but time will tell. The new bars are wider, lighter, and feel better for riding dirt trails. I’ll be spending the next few months putting the new Wren Components through their paces and shredding the gnar, n’stuff. I’ll post a review of the new gear, somewhere down the trail amigos! Derby On!

3 Responses to First Look – Wren Sports Bar & Stem

  1. Allroy June 18, 2020 at 12:13 pm #

    How do you find the bar width in the trails? I find that I see saw around trees quite a bit with my 780mm bars.

    • Gomez June 19, 2020 at 8:09 am #

      Trevor Hughes, How are you now? At the risk of sounding impolite, I find the bar using my eyesight.

  2. Allroy June 22, 2020 at 11:27 am #

    ???? you got me. I reread my post and it wasn’t the most elegantly written. I Could have been posting in a IPA haze.