ZEAL™ Pro Launches Protection for Mountain and Fat-Bikes

Zeal Pro is testing the waters of Fat-Bike transit protection with a Kickstarter Campaign. The new product is part of virtual Sea Otter that’s happening right now. Take a look and let’em know what you think in the comments below.

Press Release

Highland, Utah, September 17, 2020 – After a very successful launch of ZEAL™ Pro for Road, Triathlon, Gravel, and Cyclocross bikes last year, ZEAL™ Pro has launched protection for mountain and fat-tire bikes with the ZEAL™ Pro for Mountain and Fat-tire Bike Bag.  The ZEAL™ Pro Mountain and Fat-tire Bike Bag protects XS to XL mountain and fat-tire bikes from the elements while the bike is being transported on a vehicle-based bike rack.  Leveraging ZEAL™ Pro Grit-Guard Technology, mountain and fat-tire bikes can be as clean when they arrive at the trail head as they were when they left.

“Endurance MTB racing is inherently a dirty endeavor.  By the end of most races, my bike and I are covered in dirt & mud.  However, I never want to start a race with a dirty bike.  I regularly spend lots of time & effort overhauling my bikes before an event and all that effort (and expense) can quickly be wasted if there’s rain/snow/mud/etc on the way to the race.  A clean bike is a happy bike & my ZEAL™ Pro Bike Bag allows me to keep my bike clean, happy, & FAST from the work stand all the way to the racecourse, no matter the weather and road conditions.” – Aaron Campbell, MTB racer

The ZEAL™ Pro Mountain and Fat-tire Bike Bag is designed to work with all of the industry standard rack types frequently used to transport these types of bikes.  This includes the following types:

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Tray-based with a J-hook style wheel securing mechanism (with optional ZEAL™ Pro Light Kit)

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Front wheel hanging or front fork hanging style

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Trunk mount or post-mast style (with top tube adaptor and ZEAL™ Pro Light Kit (not included))

Based on multiple patents, the ZEAL™ Pro Bike Bag for Mountain and Fat-tire bikes allows the traditional bike rack securing mechanism to pass through the bike/bag combination.  When you purchase a ZEAL™ Pro Bike Bag for Mountain and Fat-tire bikes, that bike/bag combination will work on all of the industry standard bike racks.  Additionally, each ZEAL™ Pro Bike Bag for Mountain and Fat-tire bikes includes removable handlebar ends designed to accommodate standard handlebar styles.  The standard bar end that ships with the ZEAL™ Pro for Mountain and Fat-tire bikes is the ZEAL™ Pro Skinny-Pawz.  For those utilizing bar mitts or bar ends, ZEAL™ Pro Fat-Pawz are available as an optional accessory and can be zipped onto the existing ZEAL™ Pro Bike Bag for Mountain and Fat-tire bikes.

“Competitive cyclists sacrifice countless hours away from family, friends, work, and other endeavors, in addition to the thousands of dollars that they spend on gear.  We’re stoked to be able to offer athletes protection for all they’ve invested to help them have their best performance,” says Gabriel Waters, CEO of ZEAL Pro.

ZEAL™ Pro will be taking pre-orders on Kickstarter beginning on September 17, 2020 at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zealpro/zeal-pro-protection-for-your-mountain-and-fat-tire-bikes where customers can save $100 off of the retail price of $349.00 once the ZEAL™ Pro for Mountain and Fat-tire Bike Bag ships later this year.


  • Fit’s XS to XL mountain and fat-tire bikes
  • Works on Tray, Front Wheel Hanging, Front Fork Hanging, and Trunk-mount or Mast/Post Style Racks
  • 600D Nylon with waterproof and abrasion-resistant backing
  • Reflective ZEAL™ Pro Logo
  • Ships with ZEAL™ Pro Skinny-Pawz for standard handlebars
  • Optional ZEAL™ Pro Fat-Pawz available for handlebars with bar mitts for $49.00
  • Optional ZEAL™ Pro Light Kit available for $79.00
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  1. I have concerns when used with studded tires and 1up tray style rack. I’ve done one short trip without issues but was very careful. I am going to purchase some wide felt strips to stick under the tire before zipping up just to be careful.

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