Fat-Tribe Funskis – Sweden, Massachusetts, Oregon, Alberta, Ontario, Iowa, New Hampshire, India & New York!

Klas Mathiasson sent us this shot from northern Sweden. Klas explained that he’s running Pringles instead of water because water would just freeze. #frozenpringles

Julio Bustos Soto – Central Massachusetts #fatboy

Michael Higham – Twin Rocks Oregon

“An early Saturday morning ride in December 2020 on the Snowy Owl Trail in Bragg Creek, Alberta.”

Rob Charron (Calgary, AB)

This picture is of a flooded forest (in Ontario) that is inaccessible most of the year and is only rideable when it freezes over and has a blanket of snow to make a trail between the trunks. Over the years the trees have died and all the bark and branches have fallen off making it look like a stand of giant toothpicks. Ride on. 

Trevor (Allroy) Hughes

Southwest Iowa, just west of Macedonia, Iowa.
Photographer: Pat Schoening

Seems like a Sesame Street episode trying to explain the difference between Light and Heavy. Also drawing awareness of an inability to spell Light when alcohol is involved. It would be cool to see Grover pound a Miller Lite every time he explained the difference 🥴

Pat Schoening

Here’s a picture that I took of my friend Jon Crane in Nashua, New Hampshire a few weeks ago. 

Tom Mahoney

Manu N Menon and his Cosmic Fat-Bike in Kochi, Kerala, on the south-west coast of India. #internationalhouseoffatbikes is great! Love looking around on lunch break dreaming about my next bike ride.

Shawn Farwell – (Corning, New York)

We invite everyone to share some of your fat-bike funskis for display here at fat dash bike dot com. Email with fat-tribe as the subject. Till next time, this is your tio gomez wishing you ¡Felices Caminos Amigos!

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