Fat Tribe Funskis

Lets put the ape back in April with another dose of Fat-Tribe Funskis, shall we?

Charlie Vogel is from Marshalltown Iowa. That’s his blue Surly Wednesday harmonizing with some spring wildflowers. #putthewildinwildflowers

Fatskey, 3 Farleys and 2 Sandworms – H. Trent from Athens, Tennesee

Fat bike enthusiast Eric Olson’s Borealis from Colorado Springs.  Home of Borealis Bikes!

Scott Braniger from White Bear Township, Michigan

The tell-tale fat-bike grin on John Colton’s face is from Ontario, Canada

JR Johnson is from the Dakotas if my memory serves me correctly.

We invite everyone to share some of your fat-bike funskis for display here at fat dash bike dot com. Email with fat-tribe as the subject. Till next time, this is your tio gomez wishing you ¡Felices Caminos Amigos!


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