Klunkedelic 420 Special – State Bikes Grateful Dead Klunker

California Dream’n is coming our way with a Collaboration between State Bicycles and the Grateful Dead on a steel klunker that has me very intrigued. I’ve been talking to Chewey about this bike, because his shop is a State Dealer. He told me that he’s got two of them built and that he’s planning to ride one at the May Madness race (all while rehabbing from a collar bone incident). Bikes are so popular right now, that demo bikes are very scarce, so Chewey”s gonna let us know how the State Klunker handle Decorah singletrack later on this spring. Till then, feast your eyes on this cavalcade of professionally regurgitated klunky press clippings! (Nice photos Billy!)

April 20th, 2021, Phoenix, AZ: For immediate release – State Bicycle Co. and The Grateful Dead announce a collaborative effort to spread good vibes and take the recent bike boom to new heights. Both State Bicycle Co. and The Grateful Dead have built their respective followings around awareness, self-expression, and freedom. Now, these two brands announce a collaboration to offer a full line of bicycles, cycling apparel, and accessories. Each piece is adorned with the most treasured symbols associated with the Dead: the Dancing Bears and the Lightning Bolt.

State Bicycle Co. announces it will also produce two limited editions of its popular Klunker, decorated with Dancing Bears and Lightning Bolt decals. The SBC Klunker is a retro-inspired, combination of a beach cruiser, mountain bike, and BMX bike. The State Bicycle Co. x Grateful Dead special edition Klunkers epitomize carefree days with the wind in your hair.

State Bicycle Co.’s Co-Founder, Mehdi Farsi stated, “Having teamed up with the Grateful Dead, we are combining environmental consciousness with the free spirit that has characterized multiple generations of Dead Heads around the world. The music and the vibe of the Grateful Dead is a perfect match for the expansive feelings we all gain through bicycling!”

This collaborative effort is a continuation of State Bicycles’ passion for combining music, culture, and cycling. As pop culture influences every aspect of our lives, this reflective capsule collection will sell out faster than a ticket to see the Dead in concert.

You can get an eyeful of the whole State/GD collection at –

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  1. Joe April 20, 2021 at 9:51 am #

    This puts a big ol’ perma-grin on my face! I ordered a cap first thing this morning! (~);}

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