Slate bivvy

I’ve had a busy few weeks getting some fine riding in and a few bivvies to make up for what I’ve missed doing the past few months. One of those bivvies was in my favourite place of Cwm Eigiau. Back in late March I posted a video of me checking out future over night spots and since then I’ve used this one twice.

night night

To get here I followed the old tramway that was used to move the slate of the mountainside and then years later to move stone for a dam when a hydro scheme was built. There are many ruined farms dotted around and it always makes me think of how life was like for the folk who lived up here.

knock knock

I arrived at my camp spot just as the sun set, so I quickly got a move on the rig up my tarp and blow up my mat. The last time I was here I managed to lay some slate slabs on the floor so it was nice and level for a good nights sleep. As this place is fairly local to me I managed to get up here a few days before and stashed some wood for a fire. Luckily the fire took and this made a below zero night more comfortable.

my slate shelter

The next morning after several coffee’s to soak in the view I cleared up and left no trace of me being there and headed back down the hill.

I’ve got to say, I am really happy with this set up for bikepacking. Simplistic with no faffing included.

Adventure on a Mukluk

Front bag:


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