Full Spectrum Cycling #114 – Sam D Joins Us Live and Chewey Calls In

Show #114  5/26/21

Talkin’ Schmack

  • Tony rode his e-bike without E! OH MY. Why I like conversion vs turn key.
  • Sven is headed to MPLS, AGAIN!
  • New episode of Chewey’s Salon Chair with BMX Brad on – 
  • Moving the shop early?? Got a door, now for the POWER!
  • Buy some stuff to help with the move!
  • Sam’s Sturdy Bag Designs frame bag is awesome!
  • Sam’s new Pivot Switchblade from Broken Spoke!
  • Crypto (not sporidium!) is on the way back!

Show Guest?  Sam D

Sam’s Sturdy Bag Design custom frame bag on his Chumba

Show Beer?  HHG from the guys/gals/others at OSO

Shit Worth Doin’

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